Tyrese: Custody battles and Divorce

Tyrese: Custody battles and Divorce


I remember Tyrese from one of his songs that came out years a go titled: “How you gonna act like that?” It was such a huge hit. It got him so much attention as a singer. He later went on to be a sex symbol and a ladies man. He was also someone who often proclaimed his faith in GOD. He always had advice for his facebook followers. He seemed to connect himself a lot to his fan-base through social media. A lot of you may also have seen him in the movie series: Fast and Furious. He’s also gotten into many feuds with THE ROCK over the franchise.

He once married his first wife who he brought here from LONDON and this is the wife he had a daughter with. They didn’t last very long, ended up in court, divorce, and became co-parents. It seemed like they were doing so well with the co-parenting lifestyle. I guess things changed when TYRESE decided to settle down again with his second and present wife. It makes me wonder what happened to the days when we could just appreciate artists for their craft? Nowadays, we know their lives instead of their talents.

His present wife appears to be a social worker and an advocate of sorts for human-trafficking. Him and her looked like the fairy-tale couple in the pictures. He always speaks highly of her. It seemed like she was the rock and he was the gem. Eventually, a lot of people started weighing in on their marriage making both celebrities into cartoon characters. I try so hard to ignore those things because it’s not really my business what goes on in somebody else’s marriage. They’re married. If they’re not hurting anyone. Live and let live.

Well people didn’t want to live and let live. Rumours went flying. She’s a gold digger. Her and him don’t look like they’re in sync with eachother. Her and him don’t look like they’re in love. It seemed like he finally found his peace, and out of nowhere he finds himself in another court battle with his ex wife. This court battle was over alleged child abuse to his daughter on his part. He has since had those charges dropped. He started using his custody battle case to speak up and make awareness on things like parent alienation and enmeshment. This lead all his fans to take sides and people not his fans to feed the drama.

In the end he had a mental break-down and everybody watched. This celebrity showed everybody how human he really is and it was a little scary. A lot of people claimed he’s a narcissist. A lot of other people spoke up for fathers rights to their children. Everybody had an opinion. In the end Will and Jada Smith apparently came through for him and allegedly gave him or are giving him five million dollars to help with legal fees. What nice friends although I think it’s strange. This is a man who has always lived a rich life style in his adult life. He wasn’t ready for failure.

He claims his ex wife was jealous of his new wife. She claims he was very abusive of a man. My personal opinion is: ONLY THEY KNOW THE TRUTH. As I said his charges were dropped.

I think that this is a sad story all around because I don’t feel anybody’s a real winner in this scenario. I think he was going through what a lot of couples go through when they lead two women on to feel special, and then the women say you have to choose: “ME or HER?” This happens in a lot of divorces and this happens in a lot of scenarios where there’s a re-marriage or a new lover coming into the picture. I don’t think anybody’s right in the situation because nobody is actually being mature about the situation. His life is just magnified because of the platform he holds as a celebrity. In the end we should all pray and hope that they come together as a blended family.

All this judgement of him. All this judgement of the wife. All this judgement of the ex wife. None of this is helping any of them. The only thing we as outsiders should want is them to all come together in unity for the child who loves all of them. To me this is just another example of how outward success doesn’t necessarily mean inward success. It doesn’t matter how successful you get. It doesn’t make you immune to normal problems. I also think he’s putting his career at risk and his friends need to guide him right now the most.

It’s just another reminder that sometimes those who smile have the most hidden tears. Tyrese always tried to look strong. He never really showed weakness until now so his tears could be from years of ignored issues. It’s another reminder to always check in with your friends so the day doesn’t come where they need attention just to feel cared about. It’s okay to be strong. It’s okay to be courageous. At the same time make sure your happy inside before you think you can be everyone else’s saviour. No matter where your friend is in life even the richest person needs someone to hear them sometimes and if there’s anything I took from Tyrese and his drama. It was that unless you’re him. You really don’t know how it is for him or his ex wife or his wife.

It was that couples go through these type of battles all the time and he opened the doors for people with the same silent tears he held in for years to discuss it. As a society we have fought so hard for the rights of women. We sometimes forget to let men still have a voice when it comes to being a father. They deserve that voice too.



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