Thrive in your relationships


Did you just encounter your first big fight with your spouse or significant other? Did you and your partner just go through another storm? Do you think your relationship requires counseling? Are you finally at the end of your rope, ready to move on, and start to over? Stop well you’re ahead. Every relationship goes through a set of trials where one person or the other person is ready to throw in the towel. I’ve created a list of ways to help you thrive in your relationship.


Men and women think differently 

# 1. Men want space. Women want time.

After a disagreement men tend to try to avoid an argument. After a disagreement women tend to want some type of attention. The more you pressure a man into time, the more you end up pushing him away. The more you avoid a woman, the more you end up making her feel unloved. It’s important to love each-other enough to respect each-other’s different needs in the relationships. Love isn’t about “I” and it isn’t about “YOU.” It’s about “WE.” Men have enough respect to tell your woman you really love her, and you just need to clear your head. Women have enough respect to tell your man you really love him, but sometimes you feel insecure in the relationship.

#2. Men are logical. Women are emotional.

A man usually says exactly what he feels. A woman usually fears a man might leave her if she says anything wrong and overthinks everything. Men when your women seem like they’re over-reacting, try to understand they love you so much, and you consume a lot of their emotions. Women when your men say something, believe them, and listen to them. Let them know you trust them. A man who is trusted grows into a better man.

#3. Men need ego feeds. Women need reassurance.

Men feel unloved when they aren’t admired and they start to feel somewhat rejected and unattractive. Women feel unloved when they aren’t made to feel special. Men always make your woman feel like she’s the most important woman in your life. Women always make your man feel like he’s your hero. It will show that you respect each-other.

Creating A Healthy Bond 

#4. Communication

A lot of relationships turn sour because people let third parties in. It’s so important to talk to each-other about any problems you may be having. Don’t get caught up in emotional affairs. You never know the outsiders intentions. Always talk to your partner before you jump to conclusions. Don’t over-react.

#5. It’s better to be sorry than to be right

If you love your partner. It’s not always about winning or being right. Sometimes it’s about forgiveness. It’s about accepting you’re two imperfect people who make each-other perfect. Find a way to be your partners strength in their weaknesses. Find a way for your partner to be your strength in yours. Love is about bringing two separate lives together as one.

#6. Set Boundaries

In any relationship it’s important to respect yourself, and also to feel respected by your partner. Always let your partner know what you like / dislike and how it makes you feel. If your partner truly loves you. They will be willing to work with you and come to an understanding where you can both grow in the relationship. It’s always good to have standards in your relationship and prepare yourself. There will be tough times, but there will be the two of you loving each-other enough to become a stronger couple through them.

Keeping it together 

#7. Empathy

Truly listen to your partner enough to understand their vulnerabilities, and insecurities, and be the reason they don’t have to find somebody new. True love is about being vulnerable and growing together because you love each-other enough to listen.

#8. Respect

The main reason people end up cheating especially men is because they no longer feel respected. Don’t assume your man doesn’t love you especially if he’s always with you. When you notice signs that your man is being distant. Don’t pressure him into expressing himself. Men don’t like the woman they love seeing them heartbroken. It makes them feel weak. Remind him you’re still the woman he fell in love with, and always will be. As for the men, when you feel your woman is no longer giving you the affection she once did. Don’t assume it’s because she no longer finds you attractive. Talk to her and do the same things you did for her when you first got her to remind her she’s still special and the only woman who will ever have your heart.

#9. Never Stop Dating

Once people settle into commitments. They forget to constantly relight the spark and they start to lose the passion. Eventually lovers drift a part. Always find away to stay youthful in love. Men if you’re truly in love with your woman. Remind her of the first time you dated her. Women if you’re truly in love with your man. Dress up for him again. Remind him you still feel just as beautiful as you did the day he first saw you.

and last but not least…

#10. Love Yourself

If you forget to love you. You will focus on the negative side of the relationship. Love you rself enough so that you always have enough energy to love your partner. A happy partner is always a home someone wants to return to. Always be the reason your partner is always hopeful and won’t find a better mate than you. Stay positive.

Irene Mielke

Irene enjoys writing and inspiring everybody that she meets. She has wisdom for days when it comes to life. She loves to read and support others in becoming the best version of themselves. She also loves to go the gym and her favourite sport is soccer.