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This is my first novel. I'm excited about this collaboration with experienced author, Vaughn Berkeley. People told me I'd never make it. But Vaughn believed in me and encouraged me for years. Finally, he challenged me to write a novel with him. I guess he wanted to hold my hand and kick my butt at the same time. This one is great and the next will be even better!

THE DC74: A Maximitas Novel

Book Synopsis

About The Book

Vaughn's had this action adventure series brewing in his sketches and ideas for years and he never really decided to write it. His hero, Dr Max, is charming, sophisticated, mysterious, and a man of action. Vaughn allowed me to be his writing partner with the introduction of a character, Chastity. You'll see that I bring my own writing flare to this character. Her passion, her determination and her drama is definitely from a woman's point of view.  When you read this latest adventure of Dr Max, you'll be able to see that Vaughn and I make a good team on this collaboration.  I can't give away too much now about Chastity's role in this but I can tell you will be definitely be sucked into this book.  Stay tuned for more info! ~ Irene

The Characters

Dr Max (hero)
More info to come later.

Chastity (our female lead)
More info to come later.

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What other readers like you are saying about my writings...

Besides the novel project with Vaughn, I have been actively writing for more than 15 months, sometimes 3 or 4 articles per month. Below are some of the feedback I've gotten from readers of my articles. 

Irene, Still LOVE YOU is a good article. Thanks for allowing us to see a bit of your heart and the battle you fight in finding true love.

David Dailey


Irene, my favorite sport is soccer also. We have something in common. I believe writing should inspire people with your words.

Joyce Isaacson


Oh, Irene! Your beautiful article pulled on my heartstrings. It was hard to read yet necessary at the same time. I am glad you are sharing your grief and helping us know your Mom a little more. What a horrific loss. Your words punched me in the gut as you beautifully crafted your experience, others' experience and the pain that is released. Thank you for honoring your Mom. I believe she sees every word.

Beth Childress


Hi Irene, I skimmed over some of your articles and came across the one on love. I love that you described your life as a growing testimony rather than an inward battle. Beautiful description!

Erica Ligocki


Hi Irene - Some real valuable points made in your article. "Can you love more than one person?"

Irene Andrejczuk


Irene, I would defiantly recommend High Performance by Brendon Burchard. It amazing and helps you realize that you can achieve more then you think you can. It also helps you realize things about yourself that you never even thought of about yourself. It helps in so many aspects of your life and helps you be the best you! I would I recommend it in a heartbeat! I am sorry for some reason the system is not letting me use the platform as a reader not an author.

Sara Thomas


Hi Irene, I loved your article on Diamond Friends... especially your journal entry at the end (had me teared up).. you are SO right! "Church ain't defined by a building.. we are Church" .. beautifully said! read, loved ,shared

Sheila Hill


Hey Irene Mielke nice piece. Friendship is truly a special gift we can give each other and we should treasure the friends who stick with us through thick and thin. Keep writing. ~ Love, Vaughn

Vaughn Berkeley


I truly enjoyed your thought provoking piece on how many can you love. Especially appreciated the close about loving flaws and all and the criteria for a good woman. You are validating what I have been claiming for years about my wife and I that we are right and good for one another. I am growing by leaps and bounds today like never before. I want to be totally transparent too. I had several marriages but I was not present in any of them. Today I am. The SADEST THIING IS THAT NONE OF MY PREVIOUS WIVES WERE BAD, I WAS NOT READY TO BE A COMMITTED AND LOVING PARTNER. To be able to truly love took me along lots of different pathways to get to what I realize today. It took every step. Could not have missed one and gotten to where I am today. NO shortcuts to true happiness in a marriage relationship.

Gary Butler


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