Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

The more I chase my dreams. The more selfish I appear. Yet, people praise Michael Jordan as the best of the century in the game of basketball. You all think he wasn’t selfish? He had to be to be the greatest. You have to be a mix of selfish and selfless. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about you got one life to live. Live it to your fullest potential.

We aren’t going to be the same people tomorrow that we are today. We will just have the same name and the same body. Our minds should constantly be expanding until we become old and grey and then we can tell the younger generations to enjoy their lives.

Once we’ve lived the best life we could for ourselves. We will know.

Well were in the process though…

The road to success is full of distractions. There will always be a man telling you: “Stop and just love me.”

He will charm you with his words and say things like: “let me give you the world.” That same man will hate you and send you on a roller-coaster ride putting you right back where you started.

There will always be a woman putting you down like: “Oh she’s this… Oh…she’s that…” just to make sure no man ever wants you and the man you wanted wants her. People never want you until somebody else finally has you. The same applies vice versa.

Sometimes in these situations we feel the need to prove ourselves to people who don’t even give us a chance. We waste our energy in so many things that aren’t even going to matter tomorrow. If people couldn’t love us when we were down – what makes us think they will love us when we are up? You can let people tell you how to live or you can continue building your own dreams. We all have a choice. The choice starts with what we choose to focus on the most.

Team work makes the dream work.

Men are always looking to buy their woman a gift.

One of my favourite gift ideas for men to gift to women is Lindor Chocolates. They’re so amazing a woman will think you know her so well if you show up with a box of them. They come in different flavours or you can buy them assorted.

One time I had them on my way to church while I was in the taxi and I said: “Hey taxi driver… do you want some chocolate?” At first he was like: “No” and then I pulled out minty flavoured Lindor chocolate and he gave me a huge speech about his wife and her love for Lindor Chocolates and how he loves them so much now too. All men must know that chocolates melt a woman’s heart. Just like flowers.

Women must always remember the famous quote: “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…” so they say. Never fight with your man. Cook him a candle light dinner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a home-maker and letting a man know he’s appreciated and respected.

I believe in being a man’s peace. Make love. Don’t make war. At the same time I don’t believe in settling to be a man’s last resort. The older I get the more I realize that love is unconditional and about forgiveness.

It’s about forgiving the same person 100 times over. It’s not about finding perfection. It’s about meeting somebody at their imperfection and being their strength in their weakness. It’s about choice. It’s about commitment. It’s about saying: “I see the real you. I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to bring out the best in you because you depend on me, and I depend on you. Were nothing without each other. We will make it work.”

Some days that’s what love is. It’s work.

I see so many men who work so hard to have the masculine energy and then expect a woman to carry the same masculine energy for them to even pick her. In the end they get together and end up with a competitive woman instead of a supportive one. Now the man is trying everything to show his wife like: “I care about you, but I’m too proud to say that I’m afraid to lose you.” Men in our generation never like to show weakness. Eventually the woman just feels like every other woman.

She stops feeling special. She feels like she has to add up to every other woman in the world and it’s quite exhausting. Men start contemplating why she’s never grateful and never satisfied. All a woman really wants is to know she’s special to her man at the end of the day. If you do it for every other woman, then she feels like every other single woman. It doesn’t matter if you give her the world. All that matters is you give her your world. Put your pride down and put your love up. A woman who feels special will always satisfy her man.

Sometimes it will make you misunderstood. It will make you look too passionate. Let the world talk while you beat to your own rhythm. Let them try to save you because you still hold dear to the one you love. Let the people around you make up your character because you have love in your heart for someone on their bad days. Let them tell you how the future should be. Do you live with the results or do they?

When it comes to a marriage or to love. You have to fight for the one you want.

When it comes to your dreams in life. You have to fight to surround yourself by the right people who respect your goals. No matter which path in life you choose to take.

In the end remember: “Those who follow the crowd usually go no further than the crowd.” They’ll put dirt to your name. They’ll try to stop you from reaching your destiny. They may succeed for a bit. Eventually, they’ll push you into the next chapter. In the end, when you’re gone. You’ll be the chapter they remember.

At the same time the pain is what elevates you to pursue your goals. It humbles you to work hard and put you in the places you need to go.

That’s when those in your past will want you again. People search for all the wrong things and never notice what’s right in front of them until it’s too late. It’s too bad some people couldn’t see loyalty or a genuine heart if it was right in front of them. In the same note sometimes we have to look in the mirror and put in the work ourselves if what we want is for something to work out. Everybody is seeking an image. Few people are seeking a diamond in the rough.

If most men just listened to music from the 1950’s they would find themselves a good woman or they would cherish the good woman they already have. Those songs basically tell them how to treat a loyal woman. It’s not that she’s crazy. It’s that she was raised well and to still believe in a man who is her security, her provider, her protector. If a man isn’t playing his role. A woman won’t play hers.

Men in our generation are players so much so that they scare all the loyal ones into people who put up walls because they don’t want to be hurt. All those women who seem hard to get that men pin as crazy have often just been hurt badly by loving some bad men. They need some reassurance. Unfortunately, most men care more to impress their friends than to impress their heart. Friends are temporary. A spouse is until death due you part.

In the end it’s all about the way we see ourselves and what’s going on on the inside usually reflects on the outside. We end up either sending out an aura of pride or an aura of humility and that’s what we end up attracting in friendships who also have a heavy influence on our futures.

Did you know that I have a team? It’s not a huge team but I have a team helping me move day by day toward my dreams.  For example, I have a mentor. A mentor is like a boss who knows more about the things you need to be doing. And because they know more, they are able to help you when you call on them for help. My mentor is really awesome. Read more about him at

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