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Marriage: Pornography

In Christianity and churches were taught that porn is the new drug taking over people’s marriages.

In the real world called: “SOCIETY” people say they’d rather their husband watch porn than cheat.

Marriage classes now teach spouses how to re-find intimacy with each-other.

I think the real problem is a lack of communication.

The sex culture we now live in has made people get married based off of lust and infatuation ; rather than love and respect.

Once the hone-moon phase of a relationship or marriage is complete. Insecurities begin to ride the relationships.

What do you all think?

I personally disagree that porn destroys marriages.  I think the husband who struggles with porn addiction is the one who is used to having his sex needs met, and all of a sudden they’re not being met. I think in order to not cheat on his wife he turns to porn. The wife then catches him watching porn runs to the pastor or marital counselor with it and now it’s a big issue.

I personally do agree that porn is inappropriate and destroys lives and some people who get a hold of it turn into Ted Bundy.

To put everyone in the same category as him is extremely delusional. Especially a husband whose trying not to be unfaithful to his wife.

I think you need to analyze the situation in a whole before you jump to conclusions about your partner and his porn addiction.