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School Valentine’s Day Cards

  I went to the mall looking for Valentine’s Cards for my children to give to their friends on Valentine’s Day. I found a whole bunch of nice ones, but I found them rather expensive. Am I really going to pay this much money for cards that their class-mates are just going to throw out after?  I wonder how many of their class-mates save their Valentine’s Day Cards they receive every year. I remember one year my daughter gave the class brand new pencils a long with their cards.

She was really happy about that ; she said this year she would rather give her class candy than cards.

I was thinking candy is a bit much, and I don’t want to be the mom who serves out junk – food. I was thinking maybe we can turn this into an arts and crafts activity? I was thinking I can buy construction paper and we can cut out different colours of hearts, and make our own unique valentine’s cards, and put stickers on them? It sounded like a good idea at first.

I ended up going to the dollar store and just buying cards. So here I am writing up a whole bunch of Valentine’s Cards, and I’m not even sure if they will hand them out at school on Valentine’s Day or not.What do you guys do for your children and their class-mates on Valentine’s Day?

What did you did when you were a child on Valentine’s Day?

I don’t remember ever handing out Valentine’s. I just remember always getting them. It made me feel a sense of belonging.