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Cold Silent Wars


As I lie here in bed in a cold city covered in crystal white snow. I look outside and it looks like Winter Wonderland. It’s so elegant to look at and so cold to be in. The roads are extremely icy. I find comfort in my warm blankets as if they’re my shelter from the cold winter. I thank the good Lord for warmth and protection.

I find myself trying to hold back tears for all the people in the world I can’t defend nor be a voice for. The women in the world fighting so many silent battles as I contemplate the #MeToo hashtag of 2017 that went viral. The number of women who came forward with their stories. The number of women who spent years in silence begging for men to finally listen.

I wrote a article a few months a go on Narcissists. I think it’s something we really have to understand exists before were so quick to put people in positions of power and positions of leadership on a pedastal. Too often we read the cover of somebody’s life book before we review the story inside of it. I believe that’s something that has to change. I live in a world full of facades. I live in a world where equality and balance doesn’t exist. All the things we need to create true harmony.

A man and a woman could be doing the same amount of work and the man always gets the higher paychecks. Unfair. I live in a world women are stripped of their rights and finally fighting for them. I have lived for too long in a world where men have abused their power on too many occassions and men are finally being questioned on their integrity. I live in a world where women have been controlled for far too long and silenced into fear of fighting for their freedom and true rights as a human being. They’re bullied into pure submission up against the most charasmatic of men who have control over their full careers.

It’s a tragedy and recently I have seen women come together in unity to empower eachother. How beautiful to see a change. I watched the “Golden Globes” as Oprah won her award. She looked so elegant and gave the most powerful speech that will now go down in history. I hope everybody had a chance to watch it. A lot of people think she should be the next President. The first Black Woman President. I don’t think she’s gonna run for president but a lot of people want her to.

I am here to say it’s time to share your story because men are finally listening