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The Charming loyal player

So you want him back?
I bet your in love with somebody who replaced you. Now he’s telling you how he don’t need you anymore. He’s telling you how he’s too busy for you. He’s telling you how he’s happy with somebody else. He’s telling you how he found somebody better. You haven’t even had time to mourn the break-up.

The lies. The games. The mess he’s playing with your emotions. He’s not being clear and he’s giving you false hope.

He wants to make you JEALOUS hoping he gets some sort of reaction you still want him.

It’s called a man who is smooth.

It’s called a man who is a player.

He fools you that the other woman is special ; meanwhile he had you convinced that you were special.

I bet he’s attractive…ughh… can I hear the word CHARMER?

Don’t buy into his antics. This is a game he is playing so that he can swing back and fourth. You’re still fresh in his head ; meanwhile he’s moving on to a rebound he’s using. If he was worth your time ; he wouldn’t remind you you weren’t worth a good man.That’s called a man who loves for possession. He loves woman as trophies. He loves woman for the facade, but he doesn’t have the patience to survive the emotions that come with a relationship.
 The reason he left you was because you had to many standards for him, and his insecurity couldn’t meet them. He shouldn’t be bringing you down for his happiness. He should’ve uplifted you when you two were together. This type of man is not a man you need closure form. He will end up with a woman who will play him like he did you, and then somewhere in the future he will wish the woman was still you.
A man worth being with takes responsibility and holds himself to accountability for his mistakes. If all a man does is blame you for his downfalls. You gotta know he was in it for the power he had over you ; not for the woman he found in you. Don’t even hate the next girl who took your place. She is naive and probably has no idea.

You just gotta move forwards. Some people come into your life as simply a lesson.