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Book Update: 2019.Aug.30

My book and health update:

It has been a long struggle this summer. May sick. June sick. July sick. In August, I am finally getting some treatment that is helping me to get better little by little. I’m slowly getting better even though nobody knows what’s wrong with me.

All of this sickness means that I was not able to work on my co-writing project with my mentor, Vaughn.

That means that my book novel will probably come out Spring of 2020. Sorry but I have to look after my health first. When you are sick, you just cannot do anything including writing.

Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts during these times. I love you XOXOXO, my fans and friends!!!

In Spring I was healthy. In the blink of a eye …my health was gone. Now I am slowly recoving… and writing a little bit too! Still thankful for my family. I love you guys so much. Thanks to everyone who has listened and prayed.

I love you all very much.