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Cardi B took Offset back

I loved watching CARDI B when she was just ranting on Instagram giving internet advice from her own personal experience. She’s a story of rags to riches that everybody loves to watch. As she has climbed higher in the success ladder. She’s lost friends, and attracted more enemies. Good or bad ; the tabloids stay writing about her.

They write about alleged rumors in her past. They write about her past as a stripper. They write about her being on a reality tv show. They write about her Instagram rants. They write about her enemies. They write about her marriage. Everybody loves to dig to find a problem with someone who stays winning. She basically raps about what people what to hear because regardless what you think about her music, people are buying it. She has a Grammy now.

When you look on the internet though….everybody loves to judge hers and Offsets marriage. Everyone sees him as a player who will continue to cheat on her. I find it unfortunate that just because she’s in the spotlight people can’t accept her for the human that she is.

 At the end of the day. I’m always happy when people who have a child together work things out. I once went back to my sons father and people were extremely nasty about it. The sad part is that me and him actually got a long when we were together. If not for everyone’s opinions due to their own realities. I think we’d still be together.

I find it disheartening how people force their own realities unto others. Look, sometimes you will hear me say I don’t believe in marriage, but unless your husband is actually in my business causing my life problems. I’m never going to be like: “You should leave your husband!” I’m going to be like “Can’t you all work it out?”

To me if you married a man, he’s still your husband, – you know? Divorce is way more expensive than marriage is. Statistically, second marriages don’t normally last. People can be cruel. People can be bullies. They love to see people fail. In my eyes Offset is her husband. Offset is her child’s father.

I hope they always work it out. She is a human being at the end of the day. Good luck to them.