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By, Irene

The irony of people never ceases to amaze me,

Does this even phase me?

They speak so loud, so bold, so proud.

Quick to talk – even quicker to mock.

They try to change the selfless to become selfish.

They call it success thinking they help people up from their mess.

They start rubbing blessings in peoples face.

People have pain impossible to erase.

They compete with people who can’t be them.

They forget they need to love them.

Why is this world filled with greed?

Why are people left to bleed?

I listen to them complain.

How Can I heal the worlds pain?

True bullies – demons they can’t admit.

They want recognition and to look fit.

They’re like actors playing the part.

They don’t mean sincerity in their heart.

I see the acts. I see the show.

Where did all the faithful people go?

They talk about compassion.

They live more for fashion.

My life and others they want to re-arrange.

The fakery will never change.

I won’t go down with the devil.

I won’t become a rebel.

I know there’s a god and I know he’s got me.

I see heaven, and I’m holding that key.

A reminder to us all that tough times will come and it’s not how many times we fall down. It’s how many times we continue to rise up.