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The right method to parent

What type of parent are you?

Are you too strict? Are you too laid-back?

Strict over-protective parents otherwise known as Authoritarian Parents

Raise Children:

A. Who don’t live and learn which we all need to do sometimes

B. Grow up into the best liars due to years of practice and learn how to hide a double life.
C. Children who never lived, lived for their parents, and not for themselves.
D. Children who grow up with low-self-esteem
Laid-back parents otherwise known as Permissive Parents

Raise Children:

A. Who feel entitled

B. Have no respect for boundaries or authorities
C. Lack the ability to be independent and become co-dependent

D. Severely Rebellious

It’s so important to find a middle ground when parenting.

Don’t instill fear. Children grow up into respectful adults when we give them respect as well.

Don’t avoid discipline. Children learn to set boundaries when we show them there are consequences.
It’s not just about right now. It’s about the future.
Make sure that the way you handle them is age appropriate and not abusive. Make sure that you teach them, and talk to them, and empathize with them. Children need time, love, respect, and energy more than anything else!!!

For more tips on parenting: https://www.parents.com/