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Bullying Needs To Stop

 Unfortunately, a lot of children deal with BULLYING. I was one of those children myself who dealt with bullying a lot as a child. For many years of my childhood in elementary school I was what they now call “non-verbal.” Back then they referred to me as “Mute.” I was extremely shy. Due to my shyness. I was targeted as a victim for bullying.

 These are some books that I think every caregiver, educator, therapist, etc… should read to help stop bullying.  These books will give you a whole new perspective on life and help you in finding forgiveness for your bullies, help you to empathize with them, and help you to understand why bullying happens.

 I’m not perfect in a lot of ways, but I educate myself every day to be the best mom possible so that in the long-haul my children will thrive. I don’t depend on the school system to teach my children. I understand the importance of instilling values and the right attitude into our children. I’m thankful for the education system. They have the resources to help me parent in the things I’m not educated in myself, and for that I find gratitude. I want my children to grow up, be grateful, and appreciate everyone who paves the way for them. To me – I need to make sure they’re always in positive environments. All successful people have one thing in common: They’re always POSITIVE!!!

There will be children who are at a slight disadvantage due to disabilities. I will not name them because there are so many disabilities a child could have, and it’s not always noticeable. I believe it’s important to include every child in everything. It hurts me when a friend has a child who has a disability and they feel ashamed to bring them places. I often invite them to birthday parties with my children and the parents will say:

“But this…”

My response to that is: “Society is cruel. I want you to come. If any of my friend judges your child / children. They’re not my friends.” I’ve always made space for everyone period, and I wish others would do the same. To me a child should feel like a whole person and not a child with a disability. I believe that “Acceptance is Key.” Growing up with a brother who has a disability taught me a lot. I enjoy taking care of people with “Special needs.”

One time I was actually at McDonalds play land and  I met a woman. She was staying in a shelter and her son was having a melt-down. I felt bad for her because everyone was looking at her and judging her as a mom. I asked her: “Do you need help?” She confided in me that her son had Autism. I took down her number and invited her on playdates with my children. I believe so many parents need support, but are afraid to ask for it. It is our duty to help them. She was truly thankful because she told me not a lot of people do that.

Give God The Glory

Can you feel a shift in the atmosphere? Throughout my life the ones who paid attention to me are the people I would have never believed would even notice my existence. It’s all those people who don’t know me but paid attention when  the rest walked out that taught me: “GOD IS WITH YOU IN EVERY STEP!” Sometimes in life you’re going to get used to being the outcast, the underdog, the one you think nobody cares about, but it’s all to shift you into your purpose.

I believe that when you look into my life you see chapters. Not all the chapters are solid, but you also see growth. I hate failing, and I always feel I need to rise up from the haters, rise up from the nay-sayers. I want everyone I started with to believe in a brighter tomorrow and that is my push-factor. How can they believe that tomorrow is brighter if all I see is darkness? I learned a long time a go to run to GOD, and not to people. Every time a storm comes. Every time I want to give into the hate and run back to the past. I feel a shift in the atmosphere, and I feel GOD keeping me. People often ask me: “Why do you believe in GOD?” They often tell me how he’s not real.

I often wish I could give them some fake answer like most pastors have given me over the years because their egos got involved or they like the aspect of control that leadership has or some other negative thing. They often see themselves as GOD instead of GOD as GOD. The reality is: I have no answer.

It’s just in my heart. It’s just in my faith. I don’t believe that it’s easy to believe in GOD until something happens in your life where all you have is GOD to fall back on. I guess for me that just started early on. The way God has carried me through. I just can’t not believe in him. Every single day of my life people love to remind me of who I was, instead of get to know for who I am. That hurts. It shows they aren’t friends for the right reasons ; nor do they have the right intentions with me.

I’m happy to build myself up against all odds, and all those people who loved seeing me fail. I love building myself up even though they believe I should still be there back in my past and they’re constantly wondering what I have different than them. I can only respond to them and tell them: “I still LOVE YOU, the way you didn’t love me, when I needed you to love me.”

Sometimes you just got to let go of the negative energy, and surround yourself by positive energy. I unfortunately have both. I have people who try to uplift me, and people who I feel need me. I also have people who try to tear me down, people who try to break me. I got strong folks. I got weak folks. I got Godly friends. I got atheist friends. I got superficial GODLY friends. I got friends who rather just live comfortably. I got friends who hurt me. I got friends who heal me. I got friends who hate me. I got friends who love me. You get my drift?

I learned to embrace everybody because were all the same on the inside. Were all just writing a different page of our story. I’ve made my own mistakes too….so who am I to decide what type of person somebody else is? We all mess up sometimes. I dislike that in Christians. Christians who forget that JESUS is about love, forgiveness, and compassion. The devil is about the rest. I think we all need a little more GOD, I think we could all learn to love a little harder. I’m not better than anybody. I have a lot of regrets too. We all do if were honest with ourselves. I just love everybody period. It’s the only way to live right.

Give GOD the glory in all things.