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How To Get A Man

A lot of times women who can’t find a man are following what I like to refer to as MEDIOCRITY! They’re following their friends, looking at the husbands and boyfriends of their friends, and thinking they’re not good enough as long as they end up with a man like that and often end up chasing UNAVAILABLE MEN. This path is failure and creates self-heartache. They end up falling in love with UNAVAILABLE MEN.

Finding a boyfriend or a man to have sex with you is easy. Everyone wants what comes easy, but find a KING… that takes self work, that takes growth, that takes healing, that takes a transformation. That takes finding the best version of yourself.

I wrote myself a letter to my FUTURE HUSBAND. It goes like this:

Dear Potential,
I’m not what you’re used to.
My father instilled into me a strength of character. My mother instilled into me a golden heart.
I’m so empathetic you’ll accuse me of ulterior motives and your perspectives are based on your environments and experiences and have nothing to do with me.
Hurt people hurt people and in my life I crave only peace so go find healing before you come to interrupt my focus.
I’m surrounded by people who love me and I don’t need your validation. I’m not afraid to walk away from disrespect because I respect me first. If that hurts your pride … Then I’m sorry for your broken heart but life is a process and maybe I need to break yours to help you evolve into the man God wants you to be. Go transform. You show me what I lost by becoming a better man integrity, humility, remorse. Putting women in my face , making me jealous turns me off because my loyalty is hard to come by. So walk away…there’s the door. I don’t chase disrespect. I chase peace.

But if you choose to stay…tell me your goals, your ambitions, your values, and own why your past relationships failed without blaming the women. Tell me what you learned from your mistakes. Tell me your plan to change them and why my life would be better with you than without you and if you can’t show me your scars…please walk away. I can’t be a team with someone who can’t be real.

I could be like everyone else seeking a man just to have someone, but I know my worth in God. So I choose to set you free while I find myself until I get where God wants me and the man has no second guesses I’m his! You’ll never know if you’re ready…nobody is ever ready…but unless you see me as the woman you’re willing to rise up to my standards and lead then I gotta let you go… And if you can’t understand everything I just said. I won’t make the mistake of marrying you… Because marriage is sacred, the ultimate commitment you make in front of God and not one I’ll take lightly. I rather help you grow than choose you before you’re ready to make that commitment. 


I guess you clicked on this for wisdom on how to fool a man into a marriage you don’t want to stay in. I still haven’t found my husband. I think the best advice I can give you or any single woman is fall back in love with yourself, heal yourself, transform into the authentic woman you want to attract a real man. Once you build it your husband will be there. That’s the wisdom that was given to me by married people who are successful!