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The Next Generation


The world we currently live in consists of six generations it needs to cater to. It’s important to know that so that we can know how to reach out to each generation. It’s important to know just how diverse the world is amongst the people we share this world with. We live in a world full of concepts, full of ideas, full of perceptions, full of perspectives, and most definitely full of all sorts of personality types. How do we bring all these differences together and turn it into: UNITY?

We first must understand and comprehend that each generation saw the world through a different viewpoint. Sometimes that’s a beautiful thing. Many times it’s a negative thing. Some people love change and embrace it. Some people hate change and forbid it. Each generation has it’s own form of rebellion. Sometimes the rebellion creates history and laws are changed for the better. Other times the rebellion causes riots and people are left feeling misunderstood and resentful.

One of the biggest fights of the most recent generation was for the LGBT community. The topic of LGBT people being allowed to get married particularly in the country such as: United States of America was all over the news. It was so controversial. It doesn’t matter where anybody stands on the topic. Were in 2017 and were all just trying to make it.

As people who chase dreams. I want to teach you all something. During times like this – it’s important to be authentic and to stand up your beliefs. It’s just as important to respect other peoples lives and to respect other peoples beliefs. At the end of the day we need to accept that we all cry the same tears and we all bleed the same red blood. We all laugh the same. We all hurt the same. We all have the same feelings on the inside. The way we express it on the outside might be different. We all have a story that moulded us into the person we’ve become. It doesn’t matter our upbringing or what generation we were born into. At the end of the day we are all human and we are all in this gift we call: LIFE together.

It’s valuable to study each generation without judgement especially if one is looking for: SUCCESS. It’s valuable for personal growth and making sure everybody you want to reach through your PRODUCT or your CONTENT gets reached. The most successful people in life know how to protect their brand. They know how to study their audience. They know how to market themselves effectively. It’s NEVER about pride. It’s about reaching for the goals you once made for yourself. Sometimes those goals require a change in ATTITUDE or in PERCEPTION to obtain them.

In the end every era has it’s things to be proud of and every era has it’s things to be ashamed of. Part of growth from failure to a success story means accepting differences. Part of the growth process to progress means finding a middle-ground and finding a balance with the people around you. The more we learn to discover ourselves ; the more likely we are to learn embrace others.   The more we don’t do that. The more we miss out on the people meant to be our mentors and teachers.

It’s funny how often we live inside this box of the way we view the world for ourselves. We forget about the person were chasing and we forget that it takes work to become somebody different. In order to become it – we also have to become that somebody different in ourselves. The unknown often scares us away from becoming that person we want to become. There’s gonna be sacrifices. There’s gonna be failures. There’s gonna be fear. There’s gonna be newness. We attract ourselves to the environments were comfortable in. Were rarely prepared to step outside that box and learn from somebody who has already been on that road before us. Too many times we want to stay the alpha but truly successful people are people who yearn for learning.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing right now or how you’re complaining about life. When you walk out of that office you’re in. When you get off that couch you’re stuck on. Somebody admires something in you and wishes they could be it too. Somebody looks up to you. Somebody wants to become you. I know you’re all saying: Why Me? Not true. It’s time to stop living in denials of your truths and your god given gifts whether it’s with people or with work – whatever it is. You need to take that strength in yourself and you need to start focusing on that.

In the end you will get up from wherever you are in your life and focus on that one strength which will lead you to many more and to your purpose. In the end your bravery and your courage will be a powerful testimony to someone going through what you did as you guide them to success through your failures and you never know where that could lead you.

Don’t put down the next generation for their downfalls. Use your downfalls to see where you’re able to become their mentors. If you can do that you have no idea the legacy you might leave behind years from now. It’s not about winning today. It’s about winning when it counts. Don’t ever think you’re not good enough. Take all the pain and show everybody they’re good enough. In the end that attitude is like a magnet and will draw people to you and to your business and YOU WILL GROW!!!! You’re powerful. There’s a purpose in every last person. Some never look deep enough to find it. Today, look deep enough and find it.