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The Diamond Friend


 Why do we confuse our friends with our enemies and our enemies with our friends? What a sad reality we live in. A lot of people don’t really know the difference at all.

People who want to reap benefits will always come across nicer and have learned the power of charisma and smooth talking. They will always seem more appealing. They can’t be hurt. They’re called users. People who care about you will always seem meaner. Their emotions are invested. Everything you do actually impacts them. You can hurt them, and they worry about you. What you do affects them too.

I can recall many times in my life I was given opportunities and I turned them down to run back to people who were using me rather than just take a leap of faith with the people who loved me. Now as I pursue my dreams… I see other people doing what I did to those people to me. As we grow. Life has a funny way of humbling us all.

It’s the way life goes. We need to learn how to recognize the difference between judgement and sincerity. Your truest friends will never come with sprinkles on icing. They will come with honesty and honesty is not honesty you’re always going to like hearing. Your enemies – they will often come with appealing believable lies.

We need to stay decent humans of good and moral character at all times to the best of our abilities. Never forget who was there for you when nobody else was. Often people get to low points in their lives and it’s the person nobody is ever there for that is always there for them. The second they don’t need that person anymore and have their life back. They just drop that person and leave them hanging. That is not right. We should not only be peoples friends when we need them either. We should always remember the people that were there for us at our lowest when were finally up again and we should pay them back with love, appreciation, and gratitude.

We all fall down sometimes, but if we forget who was there for us when we did. Were not good people. We should learn to be the friend to others that one friend was to us. We should stop trying to follow the crowd. The crowd doesn’t change the world nor does the crowd change your life. In tough times – the courageous person does. They say a REAL FRIEND WALKS IN WHEN THE WORLD WALKS OUT. So what if people struggle? We all do at one point or another. At the end of the day. Everybody needs to know they have someone.

Often people we think hate us really just admire us and look up to us. Sometimes we accidentally make them feel insecure to feel whole around us. Keep on loving – you never know who secretly admires you that you think is hating on you and is learning off of you loving you in secret. You also never know who is spying on you behind the scenes looking for ways to destroy you. So either way – keep on loving.

Don’t give people reasons to hate you even when they look for them. The more you be a good person alone – the more you’ll be a good person out in public, and the more you’ll make all those who put dirt on your name keep talking about you. People talking about you means people are watching you. People watching you means people are supporting you. Make sure to always be a person that strangers want to support because of who you are to yourself and to others. Start with your neighbour.

It’s so important to constantly learn and evolve into a better version of ourselves. When we do this – even people who heard rumours and gossip about us start becoming our friends. It is all in the aura we carry. Good people have no time to hate anybody. Learn from those who talk about about you by fighting them back and conquering them through love and compassion. They want a reason to look right – don’t give them one. It only works in their favour. For every person that hates you – be a loving person to ten more people. We were given this gift called life to help each other grow as people not to tear each other down as individuals.

Here is a little note from my journal:

 ”I completely witnessed God in the Subway. I was in line to purchase a sub a long long lineup. The man in front of me really wanted a Sub. All he had on him was change. The guy said “You need $4.00 sir.” I said to the cashier “Listen….I’ll pay for it. Put the rest of his bill on mine. Take your Sub sir.” Before I knew it what should be a long line of people complaining as fast food places usually are. Everybody was looking for $4.00 to give the man. Next thing I know the girl brings two toonies and me & the girl both got our subs for 10% off. Church ain’t defined by a building. We are the church. I knew at that very moment I was blessed and God was saying. Keep pushing forwards young lady. I got you. My disappointment was going through my head. But after that God was all I could think of. I said thank you everybody. The owner was like looking like “Did this just happen in my SubWay?” The man turned around and the big smile on his face was one of gratitude and appreciation and he said “Thank you everybody.” I don’t know what was going on in his life but I knew he was going home with his Sub because I was making sure he did. No matter what goes on. I never miss an opportunity to show people how powerful my God is. It was a movie for him. Everybody went home happy because it’s in giving that we all feel content. Wanting more is what makes us miserable. The day we see others needs above our own is the day God starts blessing our destiny. I try to live that way everyday.” 

It is in all those moments that we put a smile on another persons face we become a true friend to ourselves and that helps us to become a true friend to others and to attract good people to surround ourselves by. It is in that moment we realize the purpose of living.

Fixing Your Broken Heart


A broken heart can send you into TWO DIRECTIONS.

#1. It can send you into a place you’re spiraling out of control and making bad decisions.

#2. It can send you into heartache that transforms into a healing and growth process.

Has your heart ever been shattered this way? Did you feel strongly towards a woman you saw as your Cinderella? Did you feel so attached to a man you saw as your Prince Charming? Did life let you down in this dream called LOVE? Maybe you were the Knight in Shining Armour? Maybe you were the Damsel in Distress the Knight came to rescue? You and your  significant other planned this happily ever after together. It was happy and then one day it wasn’t.


The honeymoon phase is over. The moment is gone. In the same strike as lightening reality happens.  Faster than you had come prepared. Did you ever reach this point in your love life? Did you ever feel it was time to give up on love? How did you pick up the pieces? How did you start over?

You might of just went through a break up. You might of just went through a divorce. You might be going through a separation. You might feel that you have nowhere to turn and that nobody understands what you could be going through. You have nobody to listen and nobody to hear you.

Every-time you reach out to a friend. They don’t want to hear the drama in your life. They just want to take you out and cheer you up. They don’t respect your feelings nor do they respect your broken heart. On the other note – maybe you’d rather not be a burden. I’m not sure your situation.

What I am sure is that healing takes time and nobody can tell you how long you need to heal. Do what you need to do to heal that broken heart and make it whole again. Everybody heals differently. You might see yourself as weak but the truth is you’re strong because you have a heart that knew how to love.

Imagine the world and how many people are together that don’t really want to be together. You were strong enough to face the world alone. You were strong enough to take the tears and walk your own path into your: CALLING.

I find when life offers you a broken heart. It also offers you a CHOICE. It offers you a choice to work through the pain until you find where you belong or to run backwards and repeat your bad patterns. In the end everything that happens will be a result of that choice.

You’re here and you’re beautiful. What is it you really want to do with your life? Why aren’t you focusing more on that? The truth is love will come and love will go but your gifts are forever. When you learn to fall in love with your passion before you fall in love with a person. You end up with the right person in the long run instead of the person who doesn’t understand you in the temporary. It’s good to love but it’s better to be loved back.

Don’t ever tell yourself that you’re not worth it. Don’t ever sell yourself short. YOU ARE WORTH IT!