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Happy Father’s Day

As father’s day comes around the corner. It is time to wish everybody a Happy Father’s Day whether you see your children or don’t see them. I think there are a lot of fathers who want to be there but they’re scared to be there because they don’t have a good relationship with the child’s mother. I know you’re still thinking about your child/children this weekend. Mother’s day always gets a lot of attention. Father’s day doesn’t get enough attention. The church I used to attend always has a father’s day walk and a picnic in the park and that was one of the things I always appreciated about it.

The day doesn’t give you a choice other than to do reflection. You might be reflecting your mistakes that got you in this place where you’re an absent father and missing your children trying not to think about it. You might be reading the cards your children made you that say: “Happy Father’s Day.” Either way try to give your child a phone call because there are so many children out there who would give anything just to give their father’s a happy fathers day card if their father would just simply call them.

I don’t care how many messes were made in the past because by DNA you’ll always be the father of your child. It’s up to you to be the bigger person and to be patient. Put your pride down and your love for your child up. I’ll keep you men in my prayers today that someday life works out for you. I know fathers day is a hard one for so many males today. If you’re a mother understand a mans fears and try to see past him into his tears.

I’m wishing you men a Happy Father’s day because every child wants to know their biological father at the end of the day. Some children just grow up and lose sight of the dream simply because they feel like you gave up on them. Never give up trying to be a good role-model to your child/children no matter the circumstances that you sometimes feel you’re put in by your child/children’s mother. As long as you try. That’s all that matters.

I can’t imagine never knowing my father. My mother went for a check-up at the hospital today and when she was done she told me: “They found something growing in my neck that they have to check out. The think it’s cancer growing again.”

My mom first got diagnosed with lyphoma cancer around Mother’s Day a few years a go. She went through blood transfusions, radiation, and chemo treatments. She even lost all of her hair and resorted to wigs for a while.

I remember it being Father’s Day and I didn’t get to see my father that year because he was in the hospital at my Mother’s side supporting her through all of her treatments. She was in the hospital for quite a while. All I can tell you father’s who struggle to get a long with your child’s mothers is that my father stood by my mom through cancer.

May his example in my life be an example to you to try to make it right.

Dear Father,

I don’t know how you did it being blind, raising my siblings and I. I know we didn’t always make your life easy. I know you always act tough. You taught me to put God first in everything. I know I didn’t always turn out to be the little girl you raised. I remember as a little girl you brought us to church every Sunday. You always made sure we were there early and went to both services. You always reserved the second row of pews so that we would be able to get the full message.

I remember how you would read us bible stories at bed time instead of fairy-tales. You wanted us to have morals instilled. You wanted us to appreciate the simple things. You always tried your best to raise up christian children who carried Jesus with us into adulthood so that we would live a lifestyle of morality. You prayed for us always that we would put God first in everything.

I know some of us aren’t Christian anymore. I know some of us have strayed so far from the way you raised us. I know it’s caused you disappointment over the years. I just wanted to tell you I’m proud of the father you’ve been because you’ve always tried to do your best.

There has been ups and downs. It has taken us years to understand how difficult our mothers childhood was as she was part of the 60’s scoop. All you ever did was try to give her the fairytale she never had and we were her gifts.

You’re a selfless man. You’re a selfless husband to our mother. You chose a path that few would and showed / role-modeled uncoditional love to our mother and every day you fought to make it work so that we’d never come from a broken home.

You role-modelled devotion and you role-modelled loyalty. You set the bar so high for me and my sisters when it comes to picking a future husband for ourselves. I could never imagine a different life than the one I have. The family we were born into is unique and that’s okay. Family is the greatest blessing and God chooses the family we are born into. Family is a gift.

You always put us first before anything no matter what even though you had a 9/5 job. You worked every day to provide. I’m not strong today because of me. I’m strong because I had parents who were strong for me. I remember when I was in grade 8 and I was horrible at math. You would help me with my home-work for two hours until I got it. I remember how proud I was when I learned algebra. You did everything you had to to always keep a roof over our heads. I see all the sacrifices you made for us.

I want you to know that you’re my daddy. May I be the daughter you raised up. May I never lose my good heart. May I have as much unconditional love for my future husband as you always had for my mom.

You’re an over protective father at times and because of you I’ve learned to be an over protective big sister. You raised us to be humble people who look out for eachother. I’m sorry for all the times I let you down as a daughter. All the pain I once caused you in my rebellious days that I had to grow up myself to understand. You see the best in all of your children. I hope I can always make my relationship with GOD strong. I hope I can always make you proud.


Your daughter.

Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s day to all the men out there who are great fathers to their children. Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there stepping up being a step father to those who don’t have a father. Happy Father’s day to all the adoptive fathers and Foster fathers. This day is for all of you. It’s not always the easist thing to do but every day you men take on those roles and some of you aren’t appreciated enough. Happy Father’s day to the grandfathers. I respect any man who steps up. A father isn’t always a father by DNA. Sometimes it’s the person who has been there sinc day one and loves the child regardless of a DNA test or whatever the situation. If that man is you. Happy Fathers Day!