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Cardi B took Offset back

I loved watching CARDI B when she was just ranting on Instagram giving internet advice from her own personal experience. She’s a story of rags to riches that everybody loves to watch. As she has climbed higher in the success ladder. She’s lost friends, and attracted more enemies. Good or bad ; the tabloids stay writing about her.

They write about alleged rumors in her past. They write about her past as a stripper. They write about her being on a reality tv show. They write about her Instagram rants. They write about her enemies. They write about her marriage. Everybody loves to dig to find a problem with someone who stays winning. She basically raps about what people what to hear because regardless what you think about her music, people are buying it. She has a Grammy now.

When you look on the internet though….everybody loves to judge hers and Offsets marriage. Everyone sees him as a player who will continue to cheat on her. I find it unfortunate that just because she’s in the spotlight people can’t accept her for the human that she is.

 At the end of the day. I’m always happy when people who have a child together work things out. I once went back to my sons father and people were extremely nasty about it. The sad part is that me and him actually got a long when we were together. If not for everyone’s opinions due to their own realities. I think we’d still be together.

I find it disheartening how people force their own realities unto others. Look, sometimes you will hear me say I don’t believe in marriage, but unless your husband is actually in my business causing my life problems. I’m never going to be like: “You should leave your husband!” I’m going to be like “Can’t you all work it out?”

To me if you married a man, he’s still your husband, – you know? Divorce is way more expensive than marriage is. Statistically, second marriages don’t normally last. People can be cruel. People can be bullies. They love to see people fail. In my eyes Offset is her husband. Offset is her child’s father.

I hope they always work it out. She is a human being at the end of the day. Good luck to them.


Tyrese: Co-Parenting


I am a fan of Tyrese and his music if you haven’t learned by now, but every day him and his ex wife are in the tabloids for a crazy custody battle. Celebrities are always interesting to watch. Tyrese and his ex wife and child’s mother have one of the craziest custody battles I ever had. He’s now with his new wife who is the father of his new child. I think she’s beautiful and I admire the fact that she is a social worker and an advocate for human trafficking.

I wish I could be on Tyrese’s side on this one, but pulling his child out of Soccer until she gets her grades up? What if that’s the place that gives her the most confidence? I thought schools already had things in place where you have to get good grades to be on a school sports team anyways. I don’t understand why they have to keep going to court for their disagreements. I think they should learn to get a long and be co-parents in general. I feel like he just wants full custody of his daughter and is trying to impress his wife that he wasn’t the problem in his past marriage? What are your thoughts?

I co-parent with my baby father and it’s been a long journey to healing, but we finally get a long quite well.



The right method to parent

What type of parent are you?

Are you too strict? Are you too laid-back?

Strict over-protective parents otherwise known as Authoritarian Parents

Raise Children:

A. Who don’t live and learn which we all need to do sometimes

B. Grow up into the best liars due to years of practice and learn how to hide a double life.
C. Children who never lived, lived for their parents, and not for themselves.
D. Children who grow up with low-self-esteem
Laid-back parents otherwise known as Permissive Parents

Raise Children:

A. Who feel entitled

B. Have no respect for boundaries or authorities
C. Lack the ability to be independent and become co-dependent

D. Severely Rebellious

It’s so important to find a middle ground when parenting.

Don’t instill fear. Children grow up into respectful adults when we give them respect as well.

Don’t avoid discipline. Children learn to set boundaries when we show them there are consequences.
It’s not just about right now. It’s about the future.
Make sure that the way you handle them is age appropriate and not abusive. Make sure that you teach them, and talk to them, and empathize with them. Children need time, love, respect, and energy more than anything else!!!

For more tips on parenting: https://www.parents.com/

The Diamond Friend


 Why do we confuse our friends with our enemies and our enemies with our friends? What a sad reality we live in. A lot of people don’t really know the difference at all.

People who want to reap benefits will always come across nicer and have learned the power of charisma and smooth talking. They will always seem more appealing. They can’t be hurt. They’re called users. People who care about you will always seem meaner. Their emotions are invested. Everything you do actually impacts them. You can hurt them, and they worry about you. What you do affects them too.

I can recall many times in my life I was given opportunities and I turned them down to run back to people who were using me rather than just take a leap of faith with the people who loved me. Now as I pursue my dreams… I see other people doing what I did to those people to me. As we grow. Life has a funny way of humbling us all.

It’s the way life goes. We need to learn how to recognize the difference between judgement and sincerity. Your truest friends will never come with sprinkles on icing. They will come with honesty and honesty is not honesty you’re always going to like hearing. Your enemies – they will often come with appealing believable lies.

We need to stay decent humans of good and moral character at all times to the best of our abilities. Never forget who was there for you when nobody else was. Often people get to low points in their lives and it’s the person nobody is ever there for that is always there for them. The second they don’t need that person anymore and have their life back. They just drop that person and leave them hanging. That is not right. We should not only be peoples friends when we need them either. We should always remember the people that were there for us at our lowest when were finally up again and we should pay them back with love, appreciation, and gratitude.

We all fall down sometimes, but if we forget who was there for us when we did. Were not good people. We should learn to be the friend to others that one friend was to us. We should stop trying to follow the crowd. The crowd doesn’t change the world nor does the crowd change your life. In tough times – the courageous person does. They say a REAL FRIEND WALKS IN WHEN THE WORLD WALKS OUT. So what if people struggle? We all do at one point or another. At the end of the day. Everybody needs to know they have someone.

Often people we think hate us really just admire us and look up to us. Sometimes we accidentally make them feel insecure to feel whole around us. Keep on loving – you never know who secretly admires you that you think is hating on you and is learning off of you loving you in secret. You also never know who is spying on you behind the scenes looking for ways to destroy you. So either way – keep on loving.

Don’t give people reasons to hate you even when they look for them. The more you be a good person alone – the more you’ll be a good person out in public, and the more you’ll make all those who put dirt on your name keep talking about you. People talking about you means people are watching you. People watching you means people are supporting you. Make sure to always be a person that strangers want to support because of who you are to yourself and to others. Start with your neighbour.

It’s so important to constantly learn and evolve into a better version of ourselves. When we do this – even people who heard rumours and gossip about us start becoming our friends. It is all in the aura we carry. Good people have no time to hate anybody. Learn from those who talk about about you by fighting them back and conquering them through love and compassion. They want a reason to look right – don’t give them one. It only works in their favour. For every person that hates you – be a loving person to ten more people. We were given this gift called life to help each other grow as people not to tear each other down as individuals.

Here is a little note from my journal:

 ”I completely witnessed God in the Subway. I was in line to purchase a sub a long long lineup. The man in front of me really wanted a Sub. All he had on him was change. The guy said “You need $4.00 sir.” I said to the cashier “Listen….I’ll pay for it. Put the rest of his bill on mine. Take your Sub sir.” Before I knew it what should be a long line of people complaining as fast food places usually are. Everybody was looking for $4.00 to give the man. Next thing I know the girl brings two toonies and me & the girl both got our subs for 10% off. Church ain’t defined by a building. We are the church. I knew at that very moment I was blessed and God was saying. Keep pushing forwards young lady. I got you. My disappointment was going through my head. But after that God was all I could think of. I said thank you everybody. The owner was like looking like “Did this just happen in my SubWay?” The man turned around and the big smile on his face was one of gratitude and appreciation and he said “Thank you everybody.” I don’t know what was going on in his life but I knew he was going home with his Sub because I was making sure he did. No matter what goes on. I never miss an opportunity to show people how powerful my God is. It was a movie for him. Everybody went home happy because it’s in giving that we all feel content. Wanting more is what makes us miserable. The day we see others needs above our own is the day God starts blessing our destiny. I try to live that way everyday.” 

It is in all those moments that we put a smile on another persons face we become a true friend to ourselves and that helps us to become a true friend to others and to attract good people to surround ourselves by. It is in that moment we realize the purpose of living.

The Next Generation


The world we currently live in consists of six generations it needs to cater to. It’s important to know that so that we can know how to reach out to each generation. It’s important to know just how diverse the world is amongst the people we share this world with. We live in a world full of concepts, full of ideas, full of perceptions, full of perspectives, and most definitely full of all sorts of personality types. How do we bring all these differences together and turn it into: UNITY?

We first must understand and comprehend that each generation saw the world through a different viewpoint. Sometimes that’s a beautiful thing. Many times it’s a negative thing. Some people love change and embrace it. Some people hate change and forbid it. Each generation has it’s own form of rebellion. Sometimes the rebellion creates history and laws are changed for the better. Other times the rebellion causes riots and people are left feeling misunderstood and resentful.

One of the biggest fights of the most recent generation was for the LGBT community. The topic of LGBT people being allowed to get married particularly in the country such as: United States of America was all over the news. It was so controversial. It doesn’t matter where anybody stands on the topic. Were in 2017 and were all just trying to make it.

As people who chase dreams. I want to teach you all something. During times like this – it’s important to be authentic and to stand up your beliefs. It’s just as important to respect other peoples lives and to respect other peoples beliefs. At the end of the day we need to accept that we all cry the same tears and we all bleed the same red blood. We all laugh the same. We all hurt the same. We all have the same feelings on the inside. The way we express it on the outside might be different. We all have a story that moulded us into the person we’ve become. It doesn’t matter our upbringing or what generation we were born into. At the end of the day we are all human and we are all in this gift we call: LIFE together.

It’s valuable to study each generation without judgement especially if one is looking for: SUCCESS. It’s valuable for personal growth and making sure everybody you want to reach through your PRODUCT or your CONTENT gets reached. The most successful people in life know how to protect their brand. They know how to study their audience. They know how to market themselves effectively. It’s NEVER about pride. It’s about reaching for the goals you once made for yourself. Sometimes those goals require a change in ATTITUDE or in PERCEPTION to obtain them.

In the end every era has it’s things to be proud of and every era has it’s things to be ashamed of. Part of growth from failure to a success story means accepting differences. Part of the growth process to progress means finding a middle-ground and finding a balance with the people around you. The more we learn to discover ourselves ; the more likely we are to learn embrace others.   The more we don’t do that. The more we miss out on the people meant to be our mentors and teachers.

It’s funny how often we live inside this box of the way we view the world for ourselves. We forget about the person were chasing and we forget that it takes work to become somebody different. In order to become it – we also have to become that somebody different in ourselves. The unknown often scares us away from becoming that person we want to become. There’s gonna be sacrifices. There’s gonna be failures. There’s gonna be fear. There’s gonna be newness. We attract ourselves to the environments were comfortable in. Were rarely prepared to step outside that box and learn from somebody who has already been on that road before us. Too many times we want to stay the alpha but truly successful people are people who yearn for learning.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing right now or how you’re complaining about life. When you walk out of that office you’re in. When you get off that couch you’re stuck on. Somebody admires something in you and wishes they could be it too. Somebody looks up to you. Somebody wants to become you. I know you’re all saying: Why Me? Not true. It’s time to stop living in denials of your truths and your god given gifts whether it’s with people or with work – whatever it is. You need to take that strength in yourself and you need to start focusing on that.

In the end you will get up from wherever you are in your life and focus on that one strength which will lead you to many more and to your purpose. In the end your bravery and your courage will be a powerful testimony to someone going through what you did as you guide them to success through your failures and you never know where that could lead you.

Don’t put down the next generation for their downfalls. Use your downfalls to see where you’re able to become their mentors. If you can do that you have no idea the legacy you might leave behind years from now. It’s not about winning today. It’s about winning when it counts. Don’t ever think you’re not good enough. Take all the pain and show everybody they’re good enough. In the end that attitude is like a magnet and will draw people to you and to your business and YOU WILL GROW!!!! You’re powerful. There’s a purpose in every last person. Some never look deep enough to find it. Today, look deep enough and find it.

Respect For All Mothers

As I look out the window from the house I live in ; the skies outside are cloudy. I still say to myself: “What a beautiful day to wake up on!” A day we get to reflect on how thankful and gracious we are for our MOTHERS. This weekend I went to a Mother’s Day program where we discussed many things about our MOTHERS. We discussed fears that a MOTHER has. We discussed hopes and dreams that a MOTHER has for her/our children. If you’re a MOTHER – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Three values that my MOTHER instilled into me were: #1. Humanitarian Work, #2. Respect, and #3. Faith. These gifts have stayed with me as some of my characteristics.

In the previous weeks in my city and surrounding cities ; there has been a bunch of flooding. This has occurred due to the melting snow last month, and the excessive rain that has caused a high rising levels of the river this year. Many volunteers have gone out, and filled sandbags to try to prevent the river from flooding more. Homes have been damaged. Some people had to evacuate their homes. Many people are without flood insurance because this was a rare occurrence due to the climate change. It’s devastating. The cleanup process will start to begin as the river slowly returns to normal.

Last weekend, I took a nature walk a long one of my childhood memories where my siblings and I used to go to the beach when we were children. We used to build sand-castles there and have many family picnics. After this – we would go to the park and play. It was heartbreaking to see how high the river rose. The cherished places I once sat have now been submerged in water. I also had a friend of the family and her area also got flooded. She was fortunate that it was just her staircase to her beach, and that her house is on high-ground. Her neighbours on the other hand were not so lucky. A lot of the children from her children’s hockey team came to help them fill sand-bags. Beautiful.

We never expect natural disasters to happen so close to home when were looking forward to closing winter and entering spring. As the saying goes: “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” Where I live, those April Showers, brought some May Floods. Each of us in the community is looking for a way we can help. There are ways in which people can help and one is to sign up to become a VOLUNTEER. This is something that my MOTHER has always instilled into me. Humanitarian Work.

Growing up, I was taught the value of Family. I would watch my mother sacrifice so much for us as she would often VOLUNTEER at my school. It’s something I’ve definitely carried into my adult life as a MOTHER myself now. Growing up, I often watched her VOLUNTEER at soup kitchens where they make soup for HOMELESS people. This is the life she has instilled into me. I think the goal in this life is to be inspirational and be the reason someone else’s life is better because our footsteps were in it. I’m so grateful for my MOTHER and the heart she gave me for others because of her example to me.

She also left me with FAITH. I think everybody needs something to fall back on. Life is full of storms we have to weather. I watched my mother overcome so many obstacles. I considered her a hero. I considered her a conquerer. I considered her a SUPERWOMAN. The rain will pour…but the sun will always come out.

I want to leave you with one last example of my mother. She was pregnant with my little sister who is now grown up. The doctors told her she wouldn’t make it. She told the doctors: “If this is the way God wants to take me…this is the way he will take me.” She kept my sister because of the faith she had in GOD, and today my sister is living her dreams. I could not imagine a life without my sister. Now every time dark days come. I remember the strength of my Mother…and I find the courage to press on.