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The Narcissist Personality


The deepest truth I learned about NARCISSISTS is they expect those that LOVE them to always take the fall for them. If a narcissist encounters shame or failure in their success ; they expect those that LOVE them to always take the blame even when the narcissist knows that they’re in fact guilty. They will humiliate the one they love with their shame and failures through extortion of some sort.

Narcissists often know they have power over all of their victims and everyone will still defend them, and believe that the victim is the abuser. That’s why so often nobody sees the abuser as the abuser. They believe the victim is the abuser.

The victim of a NARCISSIST will often react in such a way that makes them look crazy because of an EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT where the victim trusted the narcissist with their deepest secrets, and studied their every weakness. How could an abuser know their victim so well, and then just discard them? People feel sorry for the wrong person in most cases.

If the victim gives into the submissive role and takes all the flaws on themselves ; the narcissist will then act in the Savior / good Samaritan role. In the end that’s what people see how much of a Saviour the Narcissist appears to be and they cling to it like a fairy-tale protagonist hero. The narcissist often seems to have a lot of charisma and seems extremely charming. Most people will turn a blind eye to the monster the narcissist really is.

If the victim stands up for themselves. The narcissist fears their deepest secrets being exposed, and quickly discards the victim until they start apologizing or go crazy. The narcissist eventually uses everything that they instigated and runs to their harem to play the victim before the victim even has a chance to speak or defend themselves.

The victim is often left confused, and now the victim is often up against a narcissist and his/her whole harem. Narcissists are the worst type of abusers out there because people believe they’re saviours and victims when they’re the abusers. They twist facts and they manipulate situations into their own favour.

The victim is often forced to praise the narcissist in public so everyone believe the fairy-tale of the narcissist and then gives the narcissist the fuel the narcissist wants to gain more supply for his / her harem.

Eventually the narcissists harem says the victims going back and fourth, but the narcissist isn’t twisting the story. The truth is the Narcissist is blackmailing and manipulating the victim in most cases.

The narcissists harem also says the narcissist isn’t afraid to speak but the victims defending the narcissist so when the victim reacts emotionally the victim is usually made into the monster. See narcissists are excellent manipulators and charmers and most people are so uneducated to the fact they defend abusers every day in their life.

Narcissists are excellent at finding gullible people they can use for their own careers as fuel so it kind of gives all their followers as sense of special. It gives the narcissist a sense of entitlement. Once the narcissist grows a harem so big it’s very easily to create a fantasy life through their harem where everyone does as they say and the narcissist continues to play the role of an actor in life where they are charismatic and giving people who could never do no harm and everyone follows the narcissist like he / she is superior or a GODLIKE creature.

The reality is nobody in the world is that perfect and they’re hiding their flaws and taking it out on those that they love and your happiness is a lot of peoples pain who have to fake a smile every day due to what the narcissist puts them through behind closed doors.

if you too discover the narcissist behind that charming man / woman. You will see what so many people you helped the narcissist abuse have to go through and the only way to heal from it is to get as far away from the narcissist as possible. They will never change. They will just find a new victim to play a Savior too and protect their image.

The problem is the narcissist rarely shows anybody their true colours. You have to be a very educated person who the narcissist feels threatened by in order to realize their true colours. Most of the time people worship the narcissist so the narcissist knows he / she is safe around them because the person will praise their ego and sense of entitlement. Narcissists are nice to anybody who plays their game. They are not nice to anybody who has a sense of individuality.

You might say “Oh I have a sense of individuality around the narcissist. He / she can’t be like that.”

Check yourself again because you’re part of the same group the Narcissist is part of. Narcissists will manipulate anybody out of their group who sees through them. A cold fact you might have to accept is that, no you don’t have a sense of individuality! You’re in the same group the Narcissist is meaning you’re doing for the group not for yourself. You’re not experiencing what the victim is experiencing. That’s not individuality. That’s providing fuel for the narcissist.

I can’t even tell you how many people support these type of abusers every day and have no clue they’re doing it.