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Donate A Toonie


Today the schools in my city have this thing called: Toonie Tuesday

“1 out of 5 children in every classroom lives in poverty.”


As a child going to school in a large family. I could relate. I wasn’t raised poor though. I was raised middle-class. However, if my father had to buy for one, he had to buy for all. We learned to find gratitude in what we had.

I never had the nicest things. I always wore hand-me-downs or second-hand-clothing from the thrift store. I got bullied regularly, and I never fit in.

The worst day was when a fellow classmate said to me: “I hope some day you get adopted so you can have nice clothes like the rest of us.”

I went home crying and begged my parents to change my schools. They told me: “No! The environment won’t fix the bullies. Your attitude of compassion to the bullies will help you later in life when you learn to see GOD in your struggle, and not impressing them.” I knew from that day on that I was always going to be different.

When people ask me why I believe in GOD. I always believed in GOD. I wouldn’t be who I am without him always guiding me where I belong.

I thought things would change if I grew up, got a job, bought all my own stuff. As a matter of fact. It lead me down another path. I wound up pregnant at the age of 18.

I still remember going to my doctors office and taking about ten pregnancy tests because I didn’t want to accept I was pregnant.

My doctor said: “What are you going to do? You better figure it out. You can’t bring a baby into this world like this.”

I replied: “I don’t know doctor, but it’s not abortion. I don’t believe in that.”

It was my former class-mate from grade four who took me in all the years later.

He taught me how to turn everything around, and I reminded him every day he’s still young….he has his whole future ahead him, and he can rewrite his story.

Today, I’m proud of the people we’ve become in this world, and I’m proud to say we fight for others every day so they never have to go through what we went through.

Every day I live my life to serve.