This is a very painful topic to address, but definitely one we need to shed light on. Rape, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment is no joking matter. There are so many women around the world who have gone through this, and are forced into silence in fear of the men they’re often up against. We must learn to be their voice so that they can find the healing they so rightfully deserve.

Let’s not re-victimize victims.

It seems like there’s always a SCANDAL breaking out in HOLLYWOOD. It’s often between young adult women looking for a career. It also involves men who seem wiser in positions of power leading these young adult women in the wrong direction. It looks friendly on the outside, but what these women go through on the inside is brutal. Let’s not undermine it.

These women get STAR-STRUCK over these men and usually lack GUIDANCE. They turn a blind-eye often feeling special, and before they know it. They’re looking for heaven in all the wrong places. How can we educate our women to be educated and vigilent when they go into the work-force? How can we teach the next generation to think with their heads ; rather than with their hearts? As women we could be so gullible.

The men often promise these women: Fame, Fortune, and STARDOM. The men often have the whole package to offer these women in exchange for the wrong things. These women often feel they hit the JACKPOT with these men so many people globally have placed on pedestals around the world for their achievements. These men are often extremely accomplished. These men start off extremely charming and charismatic.

Eventually, the women fall for the fairytale. They soon compromise their integrity or they become victims of these men and have nobody to defend them. They sit back in silence while the man gets his ego fed. They often cry tears that nobody sees as they become revictimized by these men in power. How can we create a society where women feel safe becoming SUCCESSFUL in HOLLYWOOD or in the WORK-FORCE in GENERAL? What a tragedy it is when women are afraid to speak up to such injustices for so many years.

The R. Kelly SCANDAL was one of the biggest in the era. He was found NOT GUILTY on all charges. He’s now in another SCANDAL where women allegedly choose to live with him and he pampers them and he’s allegedly been accused of running a cult with them. One of the best male vocalists in R & B. The parents of one of the females has a major issue with it, and has made many youtube videos about it. The girl seems fine, and doesn’t want to leave, so R. Kelly has been left alone on that note.

Bill Cosby was another one who fell from grace when he found himself in a SCANDAL starting decades a go where he allegedly drugged women and raped them. He was one of the most respected actors in the industry and his legacy is now diminished. A lot of people feel he’s innocent. A lot of people feel he’s guilty. It’s a very controversial topic. He was an elite celebrity.

Just last week, the news broke out with THE HARVEY WEINSTEIN SCANDAL, and he was one of the most praised people in the movie industry. He was the man behind some of the biggest films. He was a humanitarian and a well respected philanthropist. Many women including famous women have stayed silent until now. He is accused of very disturbing things he has done to women sexually during the last 30 years of his career. Many people he has worked with and supported have began disassociating themselves with him.

These scandals are so heartbreaking, how can we help these women heal? Should we have more women in power positions? Is feminism the answer? Have you ever experienced this? What are you doing to help women who find themselves in these circumstances? We need to make awareness so that we stop defending the wrong people.

Irene Mielke

Irene enjoys writing and inspiring everybody that she meets. She has wisdom for days when it comes to life. She loves to read and support others in becoming the best version of themselves. She also loves to go the gym and her favourite sport is soccer.