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This is my first novel. I'm excited about this collaboration with experienced author, Vaughn Berkeley. People told me I'd never make it. But Vaughn believed in me and encouraged me for years. Finally, he challenged me to write a novel with him. I guess he wanted to hold my hand and kick my butt at the same time. This one is great and the next will be even better!

THE DC74: A Maximitas Novel

My Most Treasured SECRET


Let me tell you a BIG secret. Everyone needs a mentor who is willing to take them up under their wings to show them how to fly. For me, my mentor/angel came in the form of Vaughn Berkeley. Yes, I call him my angel and you'll learn why after reading this. 

I was introduced to Vaughn through a mutual friend on March 16, 2014. The person who introduced me to Vaughn said this about me to him, "Irene is a family friend from years ago, a young lady who has been through life and is still persevering by the grace of God." She went on to suggest to Vaughn that I could benefit from the work he and his talented wife do. (They're a Holy Spirit power couple.)

I love him to pieces, but some days I find myself passive aggressive around him. He's all like work, work, work, hustle, hustle, hustle. Did I do this? Did I do that? Have I checked this out? And ummm, I'm a busy mom, caretaker, budding author, and entrepreneur. And as of 2022, I'm a university student! I don't have the time he has. We tend to disagree at times but we're still cool. Thank God, we're both godly people because we would probably be arguing like cats and dogs otherwise.

You've got to have a thick skin to work with Vaughn because sometimes he is extremely blunt and it can annoy you and get you all defensive. But through it all he's loyal and he keeps pushing you even if you don't want to be pushed.  He wants you to rise higher. I am speaking from my own experience.

Vaughn got me my first paying writing gig. In addition to making money from my dream of writing I also got one of my pieces published in his magazine too! Did I mention he's a magazine publisher too, lol.  Yes, and he believed in me when so many around me keep putting down my dreams.

This beautiful website that you're looking at... well, the entire project was managed by Vaughn who oversaw the design and building. Of course, I had full approval but a good mentor knows you like a hand knows a glove. He knew exactly what would make me shine.

I put this page up because I wanted to appreciate him for everything he has done for me AND I wanted to let you know that he would make an excellent mentor for you if he will take you on. He's very selective and is super busy on his own life projects. 

He's a hard man sometimes but he's got a godly compassion too. He invested over 8 years in me to help me break through my barriers and get my first few wins. Vaughn really does care about the folks he works with. I really feel like I am important around him. He has never given up on me or tossed me aside. He is always in my corner pushing me on like a great coach. I'm sure that I frustrate him at times. I'll probably keep him as my mentor/coach forever.

You get what you are willing to pay for and if you want a true godly mentor, your money is well invested in Vaughn. He helps your body, mind, soul, and your wallet.  

You can check out his website:

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