My experience on a hot air balloon ride

As a little girl I was always quite timid and shy. In my shyness I became very observant and very self aware of my surroundings. I would often sit in my dining room and look out the window. As I looked out the window. Everything looked so beautiful. The world outside looked like a painting. I often starred in my backyard and then starred into the sky waiting for an air plane to fly by. I was always excited about those things. I was even more excited during the hot air balloon festivals in the summer when there would be a bunch of hot air balloons flying over my house. I often would picture the day I was in one of them. I never thought that day would come. I was just a child dreaming.

As the years went by I kept that dream alive. I finally had an opportunity to go on a hot air balloon. The anticipation was the hardest part. If you’ve ever booked a hot air balloon ride. It’s all weather dependent. I was often frustrated because the weather kept cancelling my flights. Not to mention the amount of times I had to switch my passengers. I was almost ready to give up because the signs were all telling me you’re not going.

Finally…I woke up to: “your flight is going today. Be there by this time.”

I went and it was the most incredible journey of my life. It was far from scary. It was like being in another world looking down to earth at all it’s beauty. I got to see the world from a birds eye.

I ended up writing this entry after I went to all of my friends and family:

“I know you all been watching me wait a whole entire year for this experience. This week I officially crossed it off my bucket list. Amazing is an understatement of the experience. It was beautiful. It was surreal. It was a dream coming true. I would do it again. It was magical. Once you go on one…it’s like you only see the beauty of life. All I want to see now is the beauty.

So often in life we focus on all the negative things going on. We forget to just be faithful to our JESUS and the world he gave us. I often take walks and people work so hard on their gardens. I sometimes forget to stop and appreciate it. Appreciate nature. Appreciate life. Appreciate the beauty. It’s everywhere.

Never skip opportunities. There were so many times I was afraid to go. I went and I’m so glad I did

:). If you have a dream. Go for it!!! There is no dream you can’t reach when you got God with you!!!”

So if you ever want to go on a hot air balloon ride. Just know it will be well worth it. I say: GO!!!!

Irene Mielke

Irene enjoys writing and inspiring everybody that she meets. She has wisdom for days when it comes to life. She loves to read and support others in becoming the best version of themselves. She also loves to go the gym and her favourite sport is soccer.