In life I believe in positivity…

I don’t believe I ever struggled. I believe I always understood God’s power through me.

Every dark road and every dark tunnel. I always looked at others on the same ones who didn’t know God, and I cried and I prayed for them.

There are times I came back to my dark roads with the same circumstances and I saw hopelessness. There is always hope in hopless situations. I always kept my faith in GOD and felt God’s presence with me every step. Every single day I chose a path that most wouldn’t. I’ve always seen my life as a growing testimony rather than an indward battle.

I find forgiveness easy when I understand that to have GOD on our side is more than enough. I’m still human with emotions – as we all are. Those who choose GOD understand the journey.

It’s okay to fail. It’s not okay to quit.

In positivity I believe we all have a soulmate…

If I love you. I trust you. Love and Trust go hand in hand. I’m not your babysitter nor am I your mother figure. The day I have to go through your stuff and get into your business is the same day I stop wanting you. Nobody who truly loves somebody goes through their stuff. Nobody who lives respectfully has something to prove. Love is either there or it’s not.

Every man has a “Fool” and a “King” in him. It’s all in Gods timing when he awakens a man and God’s decision as to how he creates his love stories in people’s lives. I don’t judge. If I love you – I’m patient. I’d rather be a example of a good woman at the end of the day. God first. Family first. The rest naturally falls into place respectfully.

Every girl has a desire to be loved at the end of the day.

In a soulmate I believe in respect…

Were all imperfect. We all make mistakes. We all need guidance somewhere. We all need forgiveness. We all need to be humble. Everybody has a story. Not everybody shares.

I think any married person who can have affairs is just a expert liar with practice at it. They not only tricked someone into a marriage they never wanted other than to pretend they were a saint. They also victimized themselves to attract the next victims. Marriage is sacred – anyone who can have affairs is a good actress / actor. The best actors / actresses show up in our dating lives. Someone who was really in a bad marriage would be getting divorced – not looking for a rebound to hurt somebody else. They’d be too hurt to do the same to another.

I don’t find it friendship when somebody is sleeping with another persons significant other or spouse. It’s called poor upbringings and someone taking advantage of vulnerability to boost their own ego. In respectful terms if one manages to tear up a home or win somebody else’s spouse or significant other all they win is somebody who lacks guilt in cheating. If they did it with you – they can do it to you. We need to stop confusing ego feeds with love. It’s how we lose at love. True genuine friendship doesn’t involve sex period.

In respect I believe in a brighter tomorrow.

In life we should live it creating beauty. When we create beauty in our lives – were being true to what we stand for. We inspire others. We can’t all be the same. Everybody sees through a different window. It doesn’t mean opposite ways can’t work out. Sometimes opposite ways create a balance which creates harmony. Everyone has a different set of lessons and a different growth process to overcome.

There are very few females who wake up looking naturally beautiful according to society’s definition of beauty. Beauty is not everything. Beauty lies within. I feel that if a man is ashamed of me at my worst. He’s not in it for me ; rather he is in it for himself. He is not looking to respect me. He is looking for everyone to respect him. He doesn’t deserve me when I put in a genuine effort. Any girl can have beauty with money and the right accessories. Are they really beautiful? Something we must all ask ourselves.

What is beauty? Beauty is authenticity. Each one of us is unique in our own ways. Don’t ever judge somebody for being different. Never discriminate against somebody because they aren’t like you. Everybody has a space and their own path to walk. If you really look deep into someones life you can always find their strengths and help them embrace those more. I always remember that no matter what we go through in life. Were still blessed because God still granted us today.

That’s why I stay patient. That’s why I stay thankful. That’s why I appreciate those in my life. Never take a day for granted. Every day is a blessing.

Irene Mielke

Irene enjoys writing and inspiring everybody that she meets. She has wisdom for days when it comes to life. She loves to read and support others in becoming the best version of themselves. She also loves to go the gym and her favourite sport is soccer.