Husbands who hide infidelity



All women are beautiful period, and I pray for the day we all respect ourselves so much that we respect each-other. When we are competitive with each-other. It’s a sign of a toxic environment. Any man who turns us into that isn’t even a man worth keeping. It tends to mean he’s unfaithful, dishonest, etc… I feel like we should walk away from men like that, but for some reason we run to them. Some of us marry them. The reason a lot of men have stopped respecting us is because they see the way we disrespect each-other.


 I myself get a lot of backlash for all the times I speak up against married men, and their wives who defend them. I think it’s sad that a woman would choose to be mad at another woman instead of her own husband. There are real problems in the world, and yes many husbands do commit infidelity, but it is not the other woman’s fault if your husband decided to stray. I’m tired of the days we defend marriages, but forget to speak up for the women who become victims of marriages. If people really opened their eyes and looked deeper. They would realize that although marriage is the ideal and the dream for every individual. It’s not the reality of happiness for most people. It’s a lot of inner pain, and people with nowhere to turn. I’m one who is supportive of divorce and re-marriage especially when the marriage is extremely toxic.


 The most hurtful thing about some single women who get accused of being with married men is that they’re the same women who have standards and would never involve themselves with a married man. Those who cheat also know how to keep up a facade of somebody who isn’t a threat. I’m the type of woman where if you introduce me to your wife. I don’t want her sloppy seconds ever. For me to fall in love with a married man. I’d actually have to feel bad for him, and he’d have to have convinced me he was miserable to the point I felt like there was no harm in connecting with him. If a married man is separated, in this world, he is planning to move on. There are so many love affairs that happen during separations. If I fall in love with a married man during his separation I can not be attacked for his break up. I’m not breaking up a happy home. You can’t break up a home that was never whole to begin with.
 Now a lot of women will act like best friends to the husbands wife ; meanwhile they will be sleeping with her husband. I guess if the husband has a history of cheating that would make his wife insecure about every woman. I feel like your best friend should not be friends with your husband period. If they weren’t friends with your man before marriage – why are they all of a sudden friends with your man more than they’re friends with you when you’re married? That opens the door to gossip, and gossip can lead to all sorts of emotional roller coasters.


 I find a lot of women hate me because I tell them straight up when I don’t think they married good men. I don’t even try to be friends, and they all think the reason I don’t is because I’m sleeping with their husband. That is very hurtful because I would never sleep with my friends man. If I’m telling a husband anything it’s that he’s a cheater. I feel like the husbands turn their wives against me in fear of the truth coming out. I learned to stay away from relationships and being the middle person because a lot of times couples will use you to hide the fact they’re lying to each-other.

As women we gotta put boundaries on ourselves or we will fall into marital drama.






Irene Mielke

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