Fall In Love Again


We dream that life is magical. We dream that life is simple. We dream that life is easy. We find out that life is a puzzle. Life is a mystery. It’s full of broken pieces that you have to put together. Have you ever stayed up late at night and felt the tears drip down from your eyes until you had a headache? Can you feel the pain of the heartache? Did it feel like bad luck for seven years like they say about a shattered mirror? What did you do?

I have felt this way many times. I’m in a storm. I’m in a trial. I don’t know what you like to do. I know for myself; I like to turn on the music until it soothes my soul and inspires me. It’s therapeutic. Music speaks to us when nothing else can. There’s always a song for all of our deepest emotions because every song is written by someone else’s deep emotions and it always has a way of making us feel less alone. We all just want to feel a sense of appreciation and a sense of belonging.

It’s not easy to find rock-bottom and feel worthless. It’s not easy to feel you always have to climb your way up from nothing. It’s not easy when you feel like you do everything for someone and you feel like you’ve been taken for granted. How do you get through the heartache? Often, we will cry to ourselves and drown in self pity. We will also talk to someone and hope for sympathy. We just want anything to ease the pain in those moments.

This month were discussing relationships. I learned to always take responsibility for my choices. Attitude is everything. Yes, even in the broken hearts. We’ve all had one. Where do they stem from? How do we deal with them? It seems like the smallest thing to complain about when were focused on dreams. When were in love; it’s a traumatic experience. Sometimes we lose our identity to somebody else. Sometimes we don’t know how to start over. There’s an attachment once we’ve bonded to somebody in love. So how do we start over? Often we need to remove people for a clear head. Is that always the right answer? We were fine without them once, we’ll be fine without them again. We always tell ourselves that.

The reality is learning to love means learning to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself – how can you ever love somebody else? It all starts with a goal to want to grow to become better. It all starts with putting in the effort to become the best version of yourself. Were all like magnets. You’ve gotta become the person you want to attract. In relationships there’s always patterns. We just need figure out ours and change them in ourselves so we can have the love life that we want. Life is how you make it and it all starts with choices. Don’t ever give up on a fairy-tale ending. It’s there for those who truly want it. The stars are always in your reach when it comes to your dreams even if those dreams are a soul-mate. Sometimes you just need to be patient.



Irene Mielke

Irene enjoys writing and inspiring everybody that she meets. She has wisdom for days when it comes to life. She loves to read and support others in becoming the best version of themselves. She also loves to go the gym and her favourite sport is soccer.