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Every Mother Should Be Happy Today

Being a mother is a wonderful thing. It is always my wish that all mothers everywhere are having a great day on mothers day. For me, the day is usually one I called a blessing. Plus May is an important time for me because it is my birth month.

It’s good that mothers are appreciated for at least one day of the year because mothers do so much for everyone in their lives the rest of the year.

Well, below is a quick selfie video I made for mothers day a while back but wanted to share it with you here on my blog. The message is as true today as when I first recorded it.

To all the moms out there: Stay strong and know you are worth it!

This is a longer piece I wrote about the impact of my mom on me. You should check it out!

I Really Love Dogs

I used to have a German Sheppard when I was young. I remember taking him for walks around the neighbourhood. I love dogs. I really love animals. When my son was young I took him to the animal shelter to see the animals and the cute dogs.

I used to babysit my friend’s dog to use it as bait to speak to my crush. LOL. It is so funny to me how much dogs are a part of our culture. I even called a dog I was taking care ‘baby’.

Get yourself a dog cause that’s how you make friends.

Coldest Night of The Year

I love the coldest night of the year charity fundraiser. My mom was a big believer in this and I have been a supporter for years. If you’re on my friends list, you will obviously remember me messaging you or calling you up around December to donate to my team’s page. I don’t do it because I want to look good or because I want to impress people. I do this fundraiser because I know it is important to the homeless people who are helped. Plus, I was homeless at one time in my life too so I know how that feels.

Check out my post about my mom by clicking here.

Bullying Needs To Stop

 Unfortunately, a lot of children deal with BULLYING. I was one of those children myself who dealt with bullying a lot as a child. For many years of my childhood in elementary school I was what they now call “non-verbal.” Back then they referred to me as “Mute.” I was extremely shy. Due to my shyness. I was targeted as a victim for bullying.

 These are some books that I think every caregiver, educator, therapist, etc… should read to help stop bullying.  These books will give you a whole new perspective on life and help you in finding forgiveness for your bullies, help you to empathize with them, and help you to understand why bullying happens.

 I’m not perfect in a lot of ways, but I educate myself every day to be the best mom possible so that in the long-haul my children will thrive. I don’t depend on the school system to teach my children. I understand the importance of instilling values and the right attitude into our children. I’m thankful for the education system. They have the resources to help me parent in the things I’m not educated in myself, and for that I find gratitude. I want my children to grow up, be grateful, and appreciate everyone who paves the way for them. To me – I need to make sure they’re always in positive environments. All successful people have one thing in common: They’re always POSITIVE!!!

There will be children who are at a slight disadvantage due to disabilities. I will not name them because there are so many disabilities a child could have, and it’s not always noticeable. I believe it’s important to include every child in everything. It hurts me when a friend has a child who has a disability and they feel ashamed to bring them places. I often invite them to birthday parties with my children and the parents will say:

“But this…”

My response to that is: “Society is cruel. I want you to come. If any of my friend judges your child / children. They’re not my friends.” I’ve always made space for everyone period, and I wish others would do the same. To me a child should feel like a whole person and not a child with a disability. I believe that “Acceptance is Key.” Growing up with a brother who has a disability taught me a lot. I enjoy taking care of people with “Special needs.”

One time I was actually at McDonalds play land and  I met a woman. She was staying in a shelter and her son was having a melt-down. I felt bad for her because everyone was looking at her and judging her as a mom. I asked her: “Do you need help?” She confided in me that her son had Autism. I took down her number and invited her on playdates with my children. I believe so many parents need support, but are afraid to ask for it. It is our duty to help them. She was truly thankful because she told me not a lot of people do that.

The Pink Shirt Trend

Today is #PinkShirtDay I feel like wearing the PINK SHIRT won’t change a thing other than create another trend. I think well students across the country are wearing the PINK SHIRT TODAY… I must tell parents across the country to start talking to their child/children. Bullies start in the home. They start from parents who are too busy to communicate with their child/children on a daily basis and the child/children look for attention elsewhere. Bullying will never end until parents start parenting!
Teach your children the meaning of COMPASSION!
The school can not stop bullies ; they can only make you aware that it is an issue!

Donate A Toonie


Today the schools in my city have this thing called: Toonie Tuesday

“1 out of 5 children in every classroom lives in poverty.”

As a child going to school in a large family. I could relate. I wasn’t raised poor though. I was raised middle-class. However, if my father had to buy for one, he had to buy for all. We learned to find gratitude in what we had.

I never had the nicest things. I always wore hand-me-downs or second-hand-clothing from the thrift store. I got bullied regularly, and I never fit in.

The worst day was when a fellow classmate said to me: “I hope some day you get adopted so you can have nice clothes like the rest of us.”

I went home crying and begged my parents to change my schools. They told me: “No! The environment won’t fix the bullies. Your attitude of compassion to the bullies will help you later in life when you learn to see GOD in your struggle, and not impressing them.” I knew from that day on that I was always going to be different.

When people ask me why I believe in GOD. I always believed in GOD. I wouldn’t be who I am without him always guiding me where I belong.

I thought things would change if I grew up, got a job, bought all my own stuff. As a matter of fact. It lead me down another path. I wound up pregnant at the age of 18.

I still remember going to my doctors office and taking about ten pregnancy tests because I didn’t want to accept I was pregnant.

My doctor said: “What are you going to do? You better figure it out. You can’t bring a baby into this world like this.”

I replied: “I don’t know doctor, but it’s not abortion. I don’t believe in that.”

It was my former class-mate from grade four who took me in all the years later.

He taught me how to turn everything around, and I reminded him every day he’s still young….he has his whole future ahead him, and he can rewrite his story.

Today, I’m proud of the people we’ve become in this world, and I’m proud to say we fight for others every day so they never have to go through what we went through.

Every day I live my life to serve.


School Valentine’s Day Cards

  I went to the mall looking for Valentine’s Cards for my children to give to their friends on Valentine’s Day. I found a whole bunch of nice ones, but I found them rather expensive. Am I really going to pay this much money for cards that their class-mates are just going to throw out after?  I wonder how many of their class-mates save their Valentine’s Day Cards they receive every year. I remember one year my daughter gave the class brand new pencils a long with their cards.

She was really happy about that ; she said this year she would rather give her class candy than cards.

I was thinking candy is a bit much, and I don’t want to be the mom who serves out junk – food. I was thinking maybe we can turn this into an arts and crafts activity? I was thinking I can buy construction paper and we can cut out different colours of hearts, and make our own unique valentine’s cards, and put stickers on them? It sounded like a good idea at first.

I ended up going to the dollar store and just buying cards. So here I am writing up a whole bunch of Valentine’s Cards, and I’m not even sure if they will hand them out at school on Valentine’s Day or not.What do you guys do for your children and their class-mates on Valentine’s Day?

What did you did when you were a child on Valentine’s Day?

I don’t remember ever handing out Valentine’s. I just remember always getting them. It made me feel a sense of belonging.

Tyrese: Co-Parenting


I am a fan of Tyrese and his music if you haven’t learned by now, but every day him and his ex wife are in the tabloids for a crazy custody battle. Celebrities are always interesting to watch. Tyrese and his ex wife and child’s mother have one of the craziest custody battles I ever had. He’s now with his new wife who is the father of his new child. I think she’s beautiful and I admire the fact that she is a social worker and an advocate for human trafficking.

I wish I could be on Tyrese’s side on this one, but pulling his child out of Soccer until she gets her grades up? What if that’s the place that gives her the most confidence? I thought schools already had things in place where you have to get good grades to be on a school sports team anyways. I don’t understand why they have to keep going to court for their disagreements. I think they should learn to get a long and be co-parents in general. I feel like he just wants full custody of his daughter and is trying to impress his wife that he wasn’t the problem in his past marriage? What are your thoughts?

I co-parent with my baby father and it’s been a long journey to healing, but we finally get a long quite well.




Growing up in a Christian family. We always wanted to keep the “Christ” in Christmas. It wasn’t about gifts wrapped up under a Christmas tree. It was about focusing on those who were less fortunate than us, and finding a way to give back. It wasn’t about Santa Claus like all the other children I went to school with. It was about the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It wasn’t about the popular Christmas songs that everybody at school knew. It was about the Christmas Carols that we often sang at the seniors home with the church on Sunday afternoons after service. I often felt different from those I went to school with due to the religious family I was born into. I also learned to embrace that difference often carrying my bible to school with me and reading it at recess time.

Every December well the rest of the children at school talked about what they wanted for Christmas. I wasn’t interested in gifts. I was interested in getting a lead role in the Christmas Pageant at church. I never did get the role I wanted. I was always considered too shy. I had a huge supporter though as I often invited my teachers, and my teachers assitants to come watch me and my siblings in our pageants. One of the teachers and her teachers assistant had always come to see us. He left such a mark in my life that I when I grew up I went back to visit my old school and watch the children taking the yellow school bus, and he was still there. I walked up to him, and he gave me a huge hug, and completely remembered me. I was so hurt to find out that a few years a go he passed a way at a very young age from diabetes. He had been one of the most positive influences in my life. It amazed me how someone could have so little, and be fighting so much, but still give so much.

He was a man of the arts. He knew how to craft the most difficult things out of wood. He often decorated the bulletin board outside the office for the parents. I just remember him so fondly. I think I hope I took a little bit of who he was with me into my adulthood. He was always there to help. I didn’t understand how much he was struggling until I grew up and understood what diabetes was. I don’t know how someone can be so sick, and still be so positive. He might not be what we strive for as success, but I think true success is when you find your peace and inner happiness and I think he found that when he gave so much to humanity in his short lived life.

I just remember at recess sometimes I would practice my lines for the pageant. It took me years to even get lines. They often put me as an angel in those white flowery dresses with those white angel wings because I was a girl. They thought I’d be too shy to get lines. They often make the girls angels and they make the boys sheep. I got so tired of being an angel. I told the pastors wife. I want a different part. I really wanted to be the lead. She didn’t think I could do it, so she made me a wiseman also known as a magi. I remember that year the teachers assistant and the teacher from my school he was helping came to watch me in the pageant. It’s probably one of my favourite memories and I got to wear cool costumes. I eventually got to be the shepherd of the sheep and get a lot of lines. That’s the most I ever got though. I still look look back on Christmas for the Pageants well everybody looks back on Christmas for the gifts underneath the Christmas tree.

As I grew up I learned to love and appreciate the small things. I learned hospitality. I think sometimes people mistake me as someone who is so courageous that sometimes they miss my tears. I think that’s the power of being raised with Jesus as the center of your life. How do you see Christmas? I’m keeping the CHRIST in my Christmas. I’ve added holiday celebrations as a grown up because as we all live in different places now. It’s a time to have family reunions and read those bible passages together over a feast well we pray and show gratitude to the one who gave us the greatest gift of all.