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I’m always confused with my feelings. I want to do the right thing, but somehow I always end up doing the wrong thing. I believe in healing but I’m always torn between what’s in my heart, and what’s the right thing to do.

I can’t seem to win ever. Everything always seems like a lose / lose situation. I just want to be the daughter my father raised, but then I want to find my own happiness. I hate feeling like I don’t respect people it just makes me feel bad. I start to feel guilty. I sometimes give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I start to blame myself for things that aren’t my fault.

Like a man leaving and me falling in love.

I am always in love and people tell me that it’s not right. It’s like they know what’s right for me better than I do. I get so exhausted trying to live up to everybody sometimes. Sometimes I just want to be free and be happy and be me. I hate giving people false hope for things that I don’t think will last. So I walk away. I walk away every time. I break my own heart every time.

I just wish someone fought for me back to rescue me. I have to learn sometimes to speak more positively because positive words of affirmation go a long way.

Book Update: 2019.Aug.30

My book and health update:

It has been a long struggle this summer. May sick. June sick. July sick. In August, I am finally getting some treatment that is helping me to get better little by little. I’m slowly getting better even though nobody knows what’s wrong with me.

All of this sickness means that I was not able to work on my co-writing project with my mentor, Vaughn.

That means that my book novel will probably come out Spring of 2020. Sorry but I have to look after my health first. When you are sick, you just cannot do anything including writing.

Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts during these times. I love you XOXOXO, my fans and friends!!!

In Spring I was healthy. In the blink of a eye …my health was gone. Now I am slowly recoving… and writing a little bit too! Still thankful for my family. I love you guys so much. Thanks to everyone who has listened and prayed.

I love you all very much.

Dealing with Jealous Friends

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10 –

 Have you ever had a friend you thought you were close to, but as you tried to focus on success they started to drift away from you? Have you ever had a friend, and you felt like the only reason they were your friend was because of the man you were dating? Have you ever had a friend who would vent your problems to you, and if you didn’t take their side they turned you into a middle person and the enemy? These are the consequences of a good heart.
 When their life is positive they ignore you, they belittle you, and they put you down as if you’re not enough for them. When their life is negative, they run to you like their only friend, but blame you for all your problems until they go back to being clouded again. They secretly hate you. They secretly admire you. They’re not friends. They’re fans. Fans can love you and fans can hate you but the irony is everything they say about you is an illusion of who they believe that you are so that they can feel better about themselves. Friends know who you are and want to support you to succeed. It’s hypocrisy. These are lessons in life we must learn if we want to get ahead. We can live our life pleasing the crowd, because the crowd will keep us at the stop sign. We’ve gotta learn to drive on our own so that we can see the whole country.

 Some lessons you end up learning are:

#1. Don’t believe people who claim to care just because of who they’re in life. They only care if you play their game. The second you don’t. They make you up to save face with themselves.

# 2. Never stop at the surface. Learn to read beyond it. Those who read the surface end up playing the fool. Anybody can do the right things on the outside. Very few can mean them in their heart.

#3. Never hurt somebody back just because they hurt you. We all have to answer to GOD in the end. It’s not about winning in life. It’s about winning with GOD!

So many people in the world are chasing money. So many people in the world are chasing popularity maybe hoping to become famous. I never thought about wanting fame. I never even liked being in the spotlight. I don’t care to have that type of power over people. Why isn’t anybody ever taught the dream of just being happy? To me I just want to be happy with who I was on the inside at the end of my life. I think a lot of people trade who they’re on the inside just to seek out validation from others.
Sometimes it can lead you to bad circles in friendships and your best friend can often become your number one enemy. Ever watched: “Pretty Woman?” The man met the hooker on the street thinking he was trusting his co-worker and then his co-worker betrayed him when he fell in love with the hooker who he empathized with. Julia Roberts did amazing in that role. There are times in life when you’re going to have to learn to trust God more than you trust your spouse. The world is filled with facades. It’s filled with disloyalty, dishonesty, and betrayal. So many people are out for themselves. I have never seen marriage as some fairy-tale ending like so many I know. I saw it as just settling to impress your friends. I think it’s nice to have pictures saying:

“Oh look at me, I got married young….look back at those brighter days!!!”

I also feel for me that marriage is extremely sacred and not something you settle in just for others to praise you. I would rather not spend 70 years with someone I know I’ll get bored of in 8 years. I guess that makes me a courageous person because I choose to walk away from love. I think it intimidates people when they realize our perspectives on life are different. I have friends who have become enemies myself. They would rather to treat me like a competition than a human being. It’s unfortunate.

Were all people ; each given a different set of strengths and weaknesses. I don’t understand why sometimes we can’t just all be on the same team and balance our talents out with each-other so that we can both find success. I didn’t learn to be independent over night ; as a matter of fact I spent many years in co-dependence. I learned it through overcoming adversity. I think a lot of people get things the easy way and then when you fight for things the hard way. They expect you to allow them to control you, to manipulate you, and then you become passionate and outspoken and you tell them:

“This is my dream!!”

They get mad when you don’t share their dreams with them. They get mad when you start going on a different path than they are on. The nay-saying starts. The gossip starts. Even your best friend will turn you to a cartoon character. The goals you chase they’re afraid to. No matter how hard you fight for your dreams. It’s going to be the people you have the most respect for who do the most to you. They call this the: “Devils Distractions.”

It’s when the devil knows you’re about to make it and makes you feel insecure with fear that you can’t make it.  I think deep down no matter how successful a person is. Deep down there was that fear. I think were all afraid, but if we stay afraid of change, we will miss our blessings. Part of finding success is learning to adapt to change. Stop arguing with the past, and start fighting for your future. Stop hating others, and start asking GOD the reason for this test. Once you do….you will see….it wasn’t fear…it was GOD TESTING.

Every obstacle you go through is GOD preparing you for a greater purpose.




The right method to parent

What type of parent are you?

Are you too strict? Are you too laid-back?

Strict over-protective parents otherwise known as Authoritarian Parents

Raise Children:

A. Who don’t live and learn which we all need to do sometimes

B. Grow up into the best liars due to years of practice and learn how to hide a double life.
C. Children who never lived, lived for their parents, and not for themselves.
D. Children who grow up with low-self-esteem
Laid-back parents otherwise known as Permissive Parents

Raise Children:

A. Who feel entitled

B. Have no respect for boundaries or authorities
C. Lack the ability to be independent and become co-dependent

D. Severely Rebellious

It’s so important to find a middle ground when parenting.

Don’t instill fear. Children grow up into respectful adults when we give them respect as well.

Don’t avoid discipline. Children learn to set boundaries when we show them there are consequences.
It’s not just about right now. It’s about the future.
Make sure that the way you handle them is age appropriate and not abusive. Make sure that you teach them, and talk to them, and empathize with them. Children need time, love, respect, and energy more than anything else!!!

For more tips on parenting:

The Diamond Friend


 Why do we confuse our friends with our enemies and our enemies with our friends? What a sad reality we live in. A lot of people don’t really know the difference at all.

People who want to reap benefits will always come across nicer and have learned the power of charisma and smooth talking. They will always seem more appealing. They can’t be hurt. They’re called users. People who care about you will always seem meaner. Their emotions are invested. Everything you do actually impacts them. You can hurt them, and they worry about you. What you do affects them too.

I can recall many times in my life I was given opportunities and I turned them down to run back to people who were using me rather than just take a leap of faith with the people who loved me. Now as I pursue my dreams… I see other people doing what I did to those people to me. As we grow. Life has a funny way of humbling us all.

It’s the way life goes. We need to learn how to recognize the difference between judgement and sincerity. Your truest friends will never come with sprinkles on icing. They will come with honesty and honesty is not honesty you’re always going to like hearing. Your enemies – they will often come with appealing believable lies.

We need to stay decent humans of good and moral character at all times to the best of our abilities. Never forget who was there for you when nobody else was. Often people get to low points in their lives and it’s the person nobody is ever there for that is always there for them. The second they don’t need that person anymore and have their life back. They just drop that person and leave them hanging. That is not right. We should not only be peoples friends when we need them either. We should always remember the people that were there for us at our lowest when were finally up again and we should pay them back with love, appreciation, and gratitude.

We all fall down sometimes, but if we forget who was there for us when we did. Were not good people. We should learn to be the friend to others that one friend was to us. We should stop trying to follow the crowd. The crowd doesn’t change the world nor does the crowd change your life. In tough times – the courageous person does. They say a REAL FRIEND WALKS IN WHEN THE WORLD WALKS OUT. So what if people struggle? We all do at one point or another. At the end of the day. Everybody needs to know they have someone.

Often people we think hate us really just admire us and look up to us. Sometimes we accidentally make them feel insecure to feel whole around us. Keep on loving – you never know who secretly admires you that you think is hating on you and is learning off of you loving you in secret. You also never know who is spying on you behind the scenes looking for ways to destroy you. So either way – keep on loving.

Don’t give people reasons to hate you even when they look for them. The more you be a good person alone – the more you’ll be a good person out in public, and the more you’ll make all those who put dirt on your name keep talking about you. People talking about you means people are watching you. People watching you means people are supporting you. Make sure to always be a person that strangers want to support because of who you are to yourself and to others. Start with your neighbour.

It’s so important to constantly learn and evolve into a better version of ourselves. When we do this – even people who heard rumours and gossip about us start becoming our friends. It is all in the aura we carry. Good people have no time to hate anybody. Learn from those who talk about about you by fighting them back and conquering them through love and compassion. They want a reason to look right – don’t give them one. It only works in their favour. For every person that hates you – be a loving person to ten more people. We were given this gift called life to help each other grow as people not to tear each other down as individuals.

Here is a little note from my journal:

 ”I completely witnessed God in the Subway. I was in line to purchase a sub a long long lineup. The man in front of me really wanted a Sub. All he had on him was change. The guy said “You need $4.00 sir.” I said to the cashier “Listen….I’ll pay for it. Put the rest of his bill on mine. Take your Sub sir.” Before I knew it what should be a long line of people complaining as fast food places usually are. Everybody was looking for $4.00 to give the man. Next thing I know the girl brings two toonies and me & the girl both got our subs for 10% off. Church ain’t defined by a building. We are the church. I knew at that very moment I was blessed and God was saying. Keep pushing forwards young lady. I got you. My disappointment was going through my head. But after that God was all I could think of. I said thank you everybody. The owner was like looking like “Did this just happen in my SubWay?” The man turned around and the big smile on his face was one of gratitude and appreciation and he said “Thank you everybody.” I don’t know what was going on in his life but I knew he was going home with his Sub because I was making sure he did. No matter what goes on. I never miss an opportunity to show people how powerful my God is. It was a movie for him. Everybody went home happy because it’s in giving that we all feel content. Wanting more is what makes us miserable. The day we see others needs above our own is the day God starts blessing our destiny. I try to live that way everyday.” 

It is in all those moments that we put a smile on another persons face we become a true friend to ourselves and that helps us to become a true friend to others and to attract good people to surround ourselves by. It is in that moment we realize the purpose of living.

Canadian Girl: Life Strengthens



This morning I arose.

An early morning.

I got up and I froze.

What have they overheard?

Mommy calls me for pancakes.

Daddy calls me for cornflakes.

The sky still dark outside.

Cartoons are playing on cable.

I got nowhere to hide.

Breakfast is set on the table.

Tears in my eyes.

Hear my sad cries.

Insecurities got the best part of me.

The children break every rule.

Curiosities got me in misery.

I have no friends at my school.

The sun comes out.

I lose my doubt.

The school bus is about to come.

I will get bullied today.

A loner – I just want to run.

My memories of yesterday.

Middle School

I stand taciturnly on my fathers front porch.

The caliginous that began to take control of my soul.

It’s another day to sit through more church.

The pastor that could take this broken girl and make her be whole.

The seniors home the choir would sing at.

The church ladies and all their fancy hats.

Head coverings that glow like beauty.

New places. New communities.

Prayer meetings and the elders duty.

New school for me. New surroundings.


My first baptism and my first communion.

My first boyfriend at Family Reunion.

My first heartache. My first breakup.

Comfort food ; cake. My first make-up.

I turned on a love song.

I put that lipstick on.

Just another nice Canadian girl.

Beautiful, elegant, like a pearl.

A diamond to be cherished.

Flaws covered and were blemished.

Books were special like my best friend.

They were the wisdom at the end.

How did I tumble down from grace?

I was just looking for my place.

I look back on my many mistakes.

I sent my parents through heartaches.

How did I turn it around?

A world of silence – no sound.

Claire once knitted me a sweater.

I thought I knew so much better.

Teen years like cold winters are some of the hardest.

Everybody wants to date the hot lead guitarist.

A popularity contest.

Hoping everybody’s impressed.

Young Adult

I grew up and I wanted to soar.

I packed my stuff and out the front door.

I said goodbye on the telephone.

I found a new place to call my home.

I wanted to be a dancer.

Church was no longer my answer.

I waved goodbye to the life I knew.

I watched as the resentment grew.

Who had I become?

Things I must succumb.

I knew I should go to college.

Guidance I failed to acknowledge.

I became my own worst enemy.

The darkness as it overwhelmed me.

I searched for healing ; therapy.

I searched for meaning ; clarity.


I found maturity in broken places.

As I looked at the pain in others faces.

I saw tears like rain in their meaningful eyes.

I looked up at the sunset into the skies.

I discovered the word empathy.

A country of much diversity.

The world has really changed.

It has been rearranged.

Tradition is no longer the normal.

Job interviews are still very formal.

Beautiful scenery for adventures.

Unconditional love for transgenders.

No more democracy.

A place for equality.

I picture the strength of a mother.

I picture a sister who lost a brother.

I live in a land of beauty.

Helping hands who see.

Broken people… I went on a search.

Broken people…I took myself to church.

I saw a pastor there.

Dapper, tall, fine hair.

I wanted to cry on his shoulder.

It was time to start my life over.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

The more I chase my dreams. The more selfish I appear. Yet, people praise Michael Jordan as the best of the century in the game of basketball. You all think he wasn’t selfish? He had to be to be the greatest. You have to be a mix of selfish and selfless. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about you got one life to live. Live it to your fullest potential.

We aren’t going to be the same people tomorrow that we are today. We will just have the same name and the same body. Our minds should constantly be expanding until we become old and grey and then we can tell the younger generations to enjoy their lives.

Once we’ve lived the best life we could for ourselves. We will know.

Well were in the process though…

The road to success is full of distractions. There will always be a man telling you: “Stop and just love me.”

He will charm you with his words and say things like: “let me give you the world.” That same man will hate you and send you on a roller-coaster ride putting you right back where you started.

There will always be a woman putting you down like: “Oh she’s this… Oh…she’s that…” just to make sure no man ever wants you and the man you wanted wants her. People never want you until somebody else finally has you. The same applies vice versa.

Sometimes in these situations we feel the need to prove ourselves to people who don’t even give us a chance. We waste our energy in so many things that aren’t even going to matter tomorrow. If people couldn’t love us when we were down – what makes us think they will love us when we are up? You can let people tell you how to live or you can continue building your own dreams. We all have a choice. The choice starts with what we choose to focus on the most.

Team work makes the dream work.

Men are always looking to buy their woman a gift.

One of my favourite gift ideas for men to gift to women is Lindor Chocolates. They’re so amazing a woman will think you know her so well if you show up with a box of them. They come in different flavours or you can buy them assorted.

One time I had them on my way to church while I was in the taxi and I said: “Hey taxi driver… do you want some chocolate?” At first he was like: “No” and then I pulled out minty flavoured Lindor chocolate and he gave me a huge speech about his wife and her love for Lindor Chocolates and how he loves them so much now too. All men must know that chocolates melt a woman’s heart. Just like flowers.

Women must always remember the famous quote: “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…” so they say. Never fight with your man. Cook him a candle light dinner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a home-maker and letting a man know he’s appreciated and respected.

I believe in being a man’s peace. Make love. Don’t make war. At the same time I don’t believe in settling to be a man’s last resort. The older I get the more I realize that love is unconditional and about forgiveness.

It’s about forgiving the same person 100 times over. It’s not about finding perfection. It’s about meeting somebody at their imperfection and being their strength in their weakness. It’s about choice. It’s about commitment. It’s about saying: “I see the real you. I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to bring out the best in you because you depend on me, and I depend on you. Were nothing without each other. We will make it work.”

Some days that’s what love is. It’s work.

I see so many men who work so hard to have the masculine energy and then expect a woman to carry the same masculine energy for them to even pick her. In the end they get together and end up with a competitive woman instead of a supportive one. Now the man is trying everything to show his wife like: “I care about you, but I’m too proud to say that I’m afraid to lose you.” Men in our generation never like to show weakness. Eventually the woman just feels like every other woman.

She stops feeling special. She feels like she has to add up to every other woman in the world and it’s quite exhausting. Men start contemplating why she’s never grateful and never satisfied. All a woman really wants is to know she’s special to her man at the end of the day. If you do it for every other woman, then she feels like every other single woman. It doesn’t matter if you give her the world. All that matters is you give her your world. Put your pride down and put your love up. A woman who feels special will always satisfy her man.

Sometimes it will make you misunderstood. It will make you look too passionate. Let the world talk while you beat to your own rhythm. Let them try to save you because you still hold dear to the one you love. Let the people around you make up your character because you have love in your heart for someone on their bad days. Let them tell you how the future should be. Do you live with the results or do they?

When it comes to a marriage or to love. You have to fight for the one you want.

When it comes to your dreams in life. You have to fight to surround yourself by the right people who respect your goals. No matter which path in life you choose to take.

In the end remember: “Those who follow the crowd usually go no further than the crowd.” They’ll put dirt to your name. They’ll try to stop you from reaching your destiny. They may succeed for a bit. Eventually, they’ll push you into the next chapter. In the end, when you’re gone. You’ll be the chapter they remember.

At the same time the pain is what elevates you to pursue your goals. It humbles you to work hard and put you in the places you need to go.

That’s when those in your past will want you again. People search for all the wrong things and never notice what’s right in front of them until it’s too late. It’s too bad some people couldn’t see loyalty or a genuine heart if it was right in front of them. In the same note sometimes we have to look in the mirror and put in the work ourselves if what we want is for something to work out. Everybody is seeking an image. Few people are seeking a diamond in the rough.

If most men just listened to music from the 1950’s they would find themselves a good woman or they would cherish the good woman they already have. Those songs basically tell them how to treat a loyal woman. It’s not that she’s crazy. It’s that she was raised well and to still believe in a man who is her security, her provider, her protector. If a man isn’t playing his role. A woman won’t play hers.

Men in our generation are players so much so that they scare all the loyal ones into people who put up walls because they don’t want to be hurt. All those women who seem hard to get that men pin as crazy have often just been hurt badly by loving some bad men. They need some reassurance. Unfortunately, most men care more to impress their friends than to impress their heart. Friends are temporary. A spouse is until death due you part.

In the end it’s all about the way we see ourselves and what’s going on on the inside usually reflects on the outside. We end up either sending out an aura of pride or an aura of humility and that’s what we end up attracting in friendships who also have a heavy influence on our futures.

Did you know that I have a team? It’s not a huge team but I have a team helping me move day by day toward my dreams.  For example, I have a mentor. A mentor is like a boss who knows more about the things you need to be doing. And because they know more, they are able to help you when you call on them for help. My mentor is really awesome. Read more about him at

The Woman I Admire: Kate Spade


I look at celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Steve Harvey who found their forever spouse on the third marriage. It’s interesting how when it’s a man we look up to him for advice, but when it’s a woman we shun her due to her family. In reality were only given the cover the media wants us to see ; were not living in their shoes experience life from their perspective. What happened to a world where we could just uplift people into good role-models?

It’s not our place to judge others for their pasts. It’s only our place to help others grow into better people from their pasts. I never understood why so often people tear people a part or break them more when they show their imperfections. It’s like people want to find out the flaws and weaknesses of others and break down anything that’s perfection. In the end does it make anybody feel better? It sort of puts people behind in their own goals. They become so focused on the lives of others instead of the lives of their owns. How is it winning when one is hurting others to win?

It doesn’t matter who somebody is. Everybody has a story. Everybody has a family. Everybody comes from somewhere. Every single person has feelings period. We all cry the same tears at the end of the day. The way we express those tears is just different.

Just this past week it broke my heart to hear about the Fashion Designer Kate Spade committing suicide. Her and her husband were apparently in the process of a divorce after years of success and years of marriage. It makes you realize that money can’t buy happiness – only inward peace can. Happiness is shortlived. Joy is eternal.

She designed hand-bags, and shoes, and other things. She was a aspiration to so many. You never really know what a person is going through on the inside. She had it altogether on the outside. She was everything so many of us young women dream of becoming. She was building her legacy.

She also allegedly suffered from bipolar disorder a long with the late Marilyn Monroe who has become a sex symbol of her era. Such beauty in both women. Such intelligence. Such charisma. Such tragic endings. It makes you realize how much this world needs more compassion in it.

I believe in an almighty God who wants us to seek peace rather than void fillers. The challenge we all must give ourselves is to wake up every day and use our insecurities to help others become confident in themselves. It’s been proven that those who help others live more fulfilling lives. At the end of the day everybody is human.

There are those who get divorced three or four times and they’re frowned upon and shunned. It doesn’t matter whether we agree with someones choices or not. If they’re not hurting us or somebody else. It’s not our business. It’s not our place to judge a path that belongs to somebody else. I think so many people are just trying to fit into the mould of society. It’s often why many lack guidance and fail to make correct decisions the first time. If we all look deep enough into our pasts – we’ve all made our own set of mistakes as well. We should look at those and fix those before we dare try to fix somebody else. The best example we can be to others is a role-model in our own lives.

I also think once somebody is married ; they’re married. I don’t think it’s right to try to help anyone get a divorce. I think we should be helping them nourish the garden they created together called marriage so that if it is their third marriage – they don’t end up in a fourth one. The only difference between those people and those in society is they actually got married. There are so many in society do the same thing they just never get married. They live together and are basically common-law.

I think it’s important to respect somebody who tries to do better. It’s easy to believe that some people will never change, but some people actually do change. When people transform we should leave their past where it belongs. Nobody in the world wants somebody diging into their past so why do so many people dig into the pasts of others? In my opinion anytime we dig into the past of someone else ; it’s more a reflection of ourselves.

We need to learn to be people with good hearts and happy for others who get up. We need to want to see everybody in our lives winning. Marriage is marriage no matter how many times it happens. I hate how people put doubt into a marriage that happens for a third time when they have no clue who a person is. So many people prey on peoples downfalls to feed their own ego.

I think that’s why celebrities are preyed on. Celerbrities cry tears just like you and me. Celebrities make mistakes just like you and me. The only difference between us and them is that the cameras are always on them. The cameras are not always on us. There is no person nor family that is perfect. Each and every last life tells a story – either of growth or of pain. In the end everything were surrounded by has an impact or an influence on us.

I often wonder why we keep watching the Karashians and why they continue to be on reality TV. I realize it’s because they’re humans who are relatable trying to overcome obstacles in the public eye. They get so much scrutiny and they continue to get up because they don’t let people tear them down. They get up as a team as a family. We all have similar flaws to them. The only difference is they show us the stuff we hate in ourselves when we look at them.

I often wonder why Steve Harvey is such a man to look up to. I realize it’s because he’s always been humble about his downfalls. He’s always tried to seek out a more fulfilling ending. He has a beautiful family and finally settled down and married his beautiful third wife. They all share a beautiful blended family together.

Now I sit here writing and tearing because we chase these endings without realizing the struggle that got them all there. We compare ourselves to them wondering why we can’t have the success that they have. I often wonder how many tears are shed behind closed doors that they never allow us to see. I often wonder how many sacrifices were made just to get where they are today.

After this week with the story of Kate Spade. I cry and I shed tears because she was such a sweetheart. She was so creative. She was living the dream. In the end she wasn’t happy.

Whatever you’re doing in your life. Stop and tell the pople in it that you love them. Some people need to hear that more than we think they do! May the legacy of Kate Spade live on. May we always remember the good things about her. May she rest in peace. I say a prayer today for her family.



By, Irene

The irony of people never ceases to amaze me,

Does this even phase me?

They speak so loud, so bold, so proud.

Quick to talk – even quicker to mock.

They try to change the selfless to become selfish.

They call it success thinking they help people up from their mess.

They start rubbing blessings in peoples face.

People have pain impossible to erase.

They compete with people who can’t be them.

They forget they need to love them.

Why is this world filled with greed?

Why are people left to bleed?

I listen to them complain.

How Can I heal the worlds pain?

True bullies – demons they can’t admit.

They want recognition and to look fit.

They’re like actors playing the part.

They don’t mean sincerity in their heart.

I see the acts. I see the show.

Where did all the faithful people go?

They talk about compassion.

They live more for fashion.

My life and others they want to re-arrange.

The fakery will never change.

I won’t go down with the devil.

I won’t become a rebel.

I know there’s a god and I know he’s got me.

I see heaven, and I’m holding that key.

A reminder to us all that tough times will come and it’s not how many times we fall down. It’s how many times we continue to rise up.