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Homewreckers VS Bitter Spouses

Is your husband always ignoring you just because he doesn’t have intimacy, and sexual relationships with you?

Careful, before you judge him. He might be watching porn. He might be liking strangers pics on social media. He might be chatting with people online he never met to get the emotional intimacy he’s not getting at home. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s stepped out of the marriage. Sometimes it just means he emotionally checked out.

If he was unloyal he’d be more likely to tell you everything wrong with you, not everything right with you like he’s afraid to lose you!

Your husband left you and found another place to live. Does he have another woman?

I couldn’t tell you. Maybe he had dreams you never supported him in. Maybe he feels emasculated. Maybe all kind of things and he rather leave than war. A lot of successful men do this regularly when they need space from their wives.
Whatever it is he really afraid of you due to a misunderstanding in the marriage. It don’t gotta be another woman. Don’t make assumptions without proof. Men when they’re heartbroken they don’t like to hurt around what is hurting them. Sometimes a silent praying patient woman is better, when he let’s her husband talk. Eventually, he will open up. Maybe say try to apologize to your husband kindly. Leave your pride at the door. It might be hard to swallow it but at least you will know maybe you all in debt and he got a job over there and he is saving to come back and fix it. You will never know unless you can both navigate towards healthy communication. I know men sometimes they take space to regroup n the more u nag the longer they take. It not always he cheating. Sometimes he is trying to find clarity of his marriage to make it healthy.

Sometimes marriages fall a part and you need to learn how to relight the spark and bring back the attraction. Some ideas to seduce your man again start with being vulnerable and allowing your heart to be open to accepting his love. Learn to forgive the things in a mans world that you don’t understand without being harsh. Sometimes patience is the key. In order to return your marriage back to healthy you gotta open up the window for you both to communicate again, date again like you were teenagers, relight the spark and bring back emotional intimacy. Sometimes it means finding that woman in yourself again that used to feel like you were his and he didn’t want anybody else. Men love a confident woman. Men love a woman who they know they can make happy. Find that giving loving tender woman in yourself again and be approachable. Men run from women who don’t seem approachable.


I watched the movie:  “Little” on Netflix. It was hilarious. I went to Timmy’s and had a chocolate chip muffin and a strawberry cream chill. These are family activities I enjoy doing with my sisters, but we can’t do that right now because of the lock down. We take so much for granted like staying in touch with our family even if it’s just to go get a coffee. My sisters are some of the most intelligent women I’ve ever known and I truly think in order to be successful we need to surround ourselves by empowering women. I find my sisters to be empowering women. Not only are they empowering, but they keep me grounded in life.

I miss inviting them over and we all sit around the table and have a family dinner and catch up, or we go to a restaurant or something like that. Now a days all we seem to be able to do is schedule in a virtual meet with the siblings and hope were all free. Hopefully, the lock downs will be over soon and we will be able to all do those things again. I miss easter and christmas get togethers.

Today, I just ordered food from a Caribbean restaurant. It was so good. Oxtail, Jerk Chicken, Plaintain, Salad, and pineapple soda. I also enjoy the cakes for dessert. I tend to prefer to eat fish on most days. Fish is very healthy for you. I feel like I gained weight over covid, and watching my sister raise money for the Childrens Hospital, and exercise on her own through the fitbit app has been an inspiration. I want to catch up to her. She’s really challenged herself. My other sisters have too. I have a goal to drink a lot more water, and eat a lot more fruits and vegetables. I’m also trying to switch over to GREEN SMOOTHIES. I’ve also started reading this magazine I picked up at the pharmacy and it’s called: BREATHE MENTAL HEALTH and I hope it helps me transform into a woman my sisters are proud to call their sister when covid is over and everything returns back to normal.

In psychology, we practically become our five closest friends. I am lucky to have six sisters I consider my closest friends. It’s the truth: who we follow, who we hang out with, who we associate with… whether we like it or not even if it’s not our character it becomes our reputation and our reputation eventually becomes us. So we gotta make sure that the five people we surround ourselves with aren’t actually people destroying us. I used to make the mistake of playing everyone’s saviour… and unfortunately, I had to suffer the consequences of that. A lot of people that say they’re my friends… I literally don’t consider them my friends because last I checked they were only in my life to create me more problems not to stand up for who I was as a person. But it was a growth process I had to go through that a lot of us need to go through. Some of them I am friends with again because they have showed actual sincerity for the errors in their ways. I do not like to have people in my circle who are disloyal. By disloyal I don’t mean dishonest. I mean advocating for me things I have never myself stated nor felt nor done all in the name of keeping me as a friend… but if you were my friend… then you would care how I feel, and to represent me for exactly who I am not for who you want me to be so I don’t abandon you for someone else. In this case I am referring to my past relationships with my childrens fathers whom I have no ill feelings towards. There are things I have never done but due to so called friends who literally didn’t want me with them…. I have had to pay the price for others mistakes… when I was actually rather loyal to those men when I was with them.

However, it taught me how people really are and a lot of times the ones we are respecting are actually the ones being disingenuous. The devil comes as everything we want. But god comes as a test and a testimony. I had to learn that the hard way. I used to think it was so unfair… but it’s also how GOD kept me in him. As I move forwards not one single of those friends I have missed. I hated the attention.. and I embrace searching for respect. My only goal has always been to raise kids who choose and pick better… so I made myself become a woman I want them to grow into. Someone they can look back at childhood and say… my mom was present. My mom was not that. She was someone who paved the way for me to find my own success. I sometimes look around at other peoples pages and I am like boy are they ever naive. That’s not how to win at life.. that’s how you distract yourself from winning and end up in temptation and mediocrity instead of in your purpose. A lot of people are distractions from our purpose…

and when I look up now I Just see my sisters… and those are my best friends. They keep me away from toxic men and toxic friends. They help me stay focused and present on the things that matter. They tell me the truth when it hurts my pride. They help me face the world when I feel like it’s against me. They show me the good in myself when I don’t see it.

and they’re like always there for me and my children. We are nothing without the support system behind us. I am lucky to have that and I count my blessings. When we were children ourselves… we all were like were gonna grow up one day and go live our own lives. Even though we do… I will tell you. I am thankful for the values that our parents instilled into us.. we all might be living our own lives.. but to this day were all still best friends <3. My children have turned out to be really good people. I feel like our children become what we role model and I always tried to surround them by good role models. So the people in my life are exactly that.

The One Night Mistake

I used to run around telling people I got pregnant on a one night stand which is far from the truth. I got pregnant by someone I considered my best friend. I walked away to respect ; not because it was a one night stand. I sometimes regret not staying. I sometime regret not hurting the other women in life to have the perfect family. Society made me feel that way. However, society didn’t tell me the truth. The truth is in the bible. God still has the final say to write the final ending. The night I got pregnant was no mistake. It was what empowered me in the end when I had to take the criticism, the rejection, the heartache, and the betrayal to make sure to give my child better than what the world used to throw at me. I always loved my sons father wholeheartely. I don’t think that a day ever went by I didn’t hope that he was happy. We just didn’t work out because we were too young to understand the challenges we were about to face. We had to make a better life from the past lives we had before us and we did that.

In my younger days I used to have social media everywhere. I used to have over thousands of followers. I used to literally know everyone in my city. As I matured I realized that people who live that way set themselves up to attract bad people with no morals. I deleted all my accounts and started over. Now I only add family and close friends. I feel like my friends are actually true, genuine, and sincere, and I have no issues with people leaving who don’t want to grow with what they bring to the table. Unless you are a celebrity of some form or trying to sell something… you’re often setting yourself up to be distracted in other peoples dreams, goals, and ambitions, instead of your own.

I also feel like those type of people are not people I intend to follow anywhere in life because they lead me to nowhere but failure. When I cut off social media. I cut off distractions. I cut off all the people who sold themselves out just to look like success that really weren’t. I stopped following them and actually started thriving at my own goals. It’s just toxic for everything from your family life, to your work life, to your love life, and sometimes I feel like that’s the part my sons dad and I got wrong. I looked around me at all the people who thrived in life and they were the people who valued the ones at home.. not what was out there in the world. In life we have to earn our way through it but if we get caught up in the attention of everyone else. We will lose the respect we need to earn to find it. Over time people just start creating us into who we aren’t instead of respecting us for who we are. Now I just keep my circle… family and close friends!

I would of missed so many valuable friends had I not done this…. the ones who really support us to the best version of ourselves and don’t help us go backwards. These people matter.

I also don’t mind when people who are artists, in the entertainment industry and that’s their profession need to brand themselves on social media. Usually however they keep it at the brand. I fully support that. I just wish people taught us all these things beforehand. I see so many people who are broken trying to fit in instead of trying to find their purpose. Peace truly matters more than pride. Picking our battles wisely truly matters more than winning. Sincerity matters more than competing. Just because I see things I don’t like doesn’t necessarily mean I”ll argue about it. I’ll just not involve myself in it.

and in my 33 years of life because I turned 33 yesterday those were some lessons I learned a long the way. Try to forgive people who hurt you, not for them necessarily but for you otherwise you hold unto it and become too broken to find yourself in god. Some of them will have to be in your life in the future again…. but it will never work until you can forgive them for who they couldn’t be… nobody is perfect.

A lot of times they are also hurting. They also have scars. If you have to compete to have someone. If you have to hurt somebody to have something. None of that ish is worth having. Find your peace within yourself. Eventually the right decisions will come to you when you hear only god and not others opinions. A lot of times friends are the ones who are really the enemies. They want us around them for what they want… not necessarily for what’s right. In the end our friends don’t live with our choices in life. We do.

and it’s not about winning… it’s about being honest with our true self… anybody can play a part and look a part and pretend to be somebody they’re not on social media for attention even in love people pretend well. It’s about who we truly are at the depth of our core. When the mask falls off, when the people are gone, when the success isn’t there, when it’s just us with our prayers… what are our prayers then? That’s where the answers to our future are…because that’s the results that will bring us peace. Lots of people in life lie to get respect… but we all need to be honest with that person… in the long run that is the most commendable person!

and you all may think your failing in life because your not those people… but the truth is… your the ones winning…. are you trying to win today and then fail tomorrow? Or are you trying to stay the course and live a fulfilling life? Those people they’re not winning… they traded in their morals to get respect from people who will never respect them. Now they have trust issues because even in marriage they settled… they didn’t choose somebody to help them grow into a better person not just on the outside but morally where it actually matters. If you call that success…that’s how you end up divorced. Then you gotta start over square one at like 50… that’s rough.. I would rather be me any day than that, and I need to remind you all that being your true self is always enough as long as you’re not hurting others or yourself. There’s nothing wrong with finding all the things that success are.. but there’s something wrong when you gotta lose your morals to have it.. and you gotta hurt people to keep it. I would rather break my own heart.. and take the criticism if it means I become a better person… god has a perfect timing.. and we gotta trust that timing. There is no need to win today if we don’t have peace in what were winning. There’s also nothing wrong with the fact someone didn’t have guidance and chose what they did because of that.. but there’s something wrong when they don’t realize that and become remorseful. Pride is why most people fail… most people never win at life even when they look like they do. Most people have stuff they refuse to share. Theres nothing wrong with failing… theres something wrong with not admitting that were human. Were all human and the more we can meet people at human being.. the better our world will be. Everyone is imperfect… but everyone can also have empathy and respect… and dignity… not just for ourselves but also for others… easier said than done for most people.

One of the verses that really stands out to me in the bible.. is to PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. I have sat in church so many times and prayer meetings and I have not liked it. I considered it self-righteousness and a place of gossip more than a place of worship. We don’t pray to prey on others sins… we go to church thankful we have god… and to repent of ourselves.. to forgive ourselves… because were so busy looking in a mirror we don’t have time to look at somebody else… and when we do that we get rid of the ego.. we throw away the pride.. and we say god i don’t deserve you.. so why did you choose me? The day I had my son… to you all might of been something you judge me for… but to me… it something that changed me. I never felt so close to god in my life.. so humbled down to humility… so god I need you now…

One of my favourite songs is PLUMB – Beautifully Broken!!

and when we can look at that… and thank god every day just for the simple things… find the gratitude.. the blessings in front of us we fail to see… that cleanses us.. that changes our heart… that makes us pure again… because gods not looking at the past… hes looking at do you trust me now?.. so if gods not looking at our past.. and he’s giving us a chance.. why are we looking at others past? The truth is we look at it because we don’t want to look at ourselves. The truth is we tell others not look at our pasts because we know it’s ugly… and god forbid we lose to somebody better than us. That’s jealousy and hatred and it looks like charm. We gotta be humble and be like okay… I am okay with taking an L… because I trust you God to write a better ending. When I had my son that’s something I had to realize.. and he was that better ending… my children are my rewards… they bring me gratitude.. and I love them with my whole heart. I tell them every day like I love you guys.. because when they grow up one day and go into the world.. they’re not gonna look back on how their parents failed… they’re gonna look back on how their parents showed up. Children are resilient and they have a way of finding forgiveness. It’s parents who are caught up in their own past hurt.

so let go and let God! You may not see what tomorrow holds.. situations may look like the point of no return.. but are you GOD? You know through man everythings impossible… and we run to men.. well everything starts to look impossible because humans are flawed and nobodys ever looking at the whole picture. God sees the whole picture… god sees whats underneath everyones mask… and everything that seemed impossible because we followed men.. well once we turn around and follow god.. god has a way of creating testimonies… and everything becomes possible especially if we put god first in everything. Were never gonna get it 100 were all just human… but distractions aren’t people that tell us the truth when it hurts.. distractions are people that bribe us to use us for what they want… because we like to hear that more than the truth.. the truth hurts.. but the truth is what brings us to peace and peace is the key to everything in life. Keep people around you that hurt your pride.. because when all those fake friends are gone… your gonna hear their voice the loudest… your gonna hear the one you thought was the enemy the loudest and weirdly enough that’s the one that ends up being the most genuine.. people who realize this they go far in life… because they listen to god. Your pastors are just human too.. they have more flaws than you’ll ever know… but you know a lot of people got pride.. they’re so afraid to fail instead of faith in a higher power. I truly believe in my faith… and that all situations can be resolved gods way. So revenge has never been my way… let go and let god in his timing he will show us how things were supposed to be.. his way.

I don’t regret having my son. I don’t regret his father either. It was the heartache I needed to go through to change me.

My Health Update – May 31, 2019

My health update:

I’m not getting better and nobody knows what’s wrong with me.

No doctor wants to look for symptoms past my surgery :'(. Actually, no doctor even knows where to start. It’s problems inside my body that don’t show up on tests :'(.

No hiv. No hepatitis. No nothing serious on tests. So zzz of run arounds. Stuck living on OTC laxatives doing trial and error. Pharmacist told me my symptoms ain’t normal. I only been telling them for a month ish ain’t right but they refuse to check again.

They told me to do a colonoscopy and referred me to a gastroenterologist this time because I told the doctor I’m gonna die if no one helps me. I literally have back pain, headaches, and now blocked tear ducts / dry eyes :'(.

I done something to the whole left side of my body :'(. Colon surgery done messed me up.

I am so frustrated because I told the doctors I effed something up and they are like nothing can change in a week. I was like yes it can…. :'( :'( :'(.

I need a MRI or something because I’m so numb these days. No energy. Nothing. When you get diagnosed for acute appendicitis but you end up having colon surgery complications instead :'( :'(.

Thanks for visiting me during these times. I love you XOXOXO Yana Armstrong !!!

Two months a go I was healthy. In the blink of a eye …my health has gone like this. Thankful for my family. I love you guys so much. Thanks to everyone who has listened and prayed.

I’m never on Facebook anymore.

I’m just really ill.

I love you all very much.

How Selfish Are We Really?

In recent news the singer R. Kelly who is one of the best selling artists of all times has kept making the news due to a docu-series that came out titled: “Surviving R. Kelly.” He has decades of allegations of sexual abuse. He has gone to court a few times, and been found: “Not guilty.” Recently, he was arrested due to these allegations as more and more of his victims come forwards.

 He was let out on bail due to a woman who allegedly paid off his bail money. He was arrested again due to an extreme amount of unpaid child support and locked up again. He has no relationship with his children whatsoever, and hasn’t seen them in a long time according to his interview with Gayle King who is Oprahs best friend. Where is his lawyer? Usually lawyers tell you not to do interviews like that when you’re facing those kind of allegations, and dealing with those type of charges.

 He currently has two girlfriends living with him who are rather young but of legal age. What on earth does a 52 year old man want with a 21 and a 23 year old? The parents continue to fight to get their daughters back. The daughters seem to be quite brainwashed and seem to want to stay with R. Kelly. Is it R. Kellys fault or is it the parents fault? There has been so much controversy around the topic and the fact that he married Aaliyah when she wasn’t even legally an adult yet. He now awaits his trial as more and more of these victims and their lawyers come forward claiming to have evidence, and it doesn’t do him justice the fact that he owes so much in Child Support. He is apparently broke and unable to pay his child support due to the fact his reputation has been tarnished and he can’t work anymore. The court of the public is not on his side.

We live in a world full of pain, heartache, and tragedy. I empathized with the pain going on around the world. It saddens me that it took this long to shed light on it, and that in 2019 society is still dealing with this type of madness. As a young woman there were a lot of things I questioned.

Years a go I actually wrote a poem regarding situations like this not knowing that R. Kelly would some day be this type of news.

How Selfish Are We Really?

By, Irene

Just before winter, during autumn seasons.

I try to focus on it’s beauty and understand God’s reasons.

High up above in the sky,

above my head – I watch the birds fly.

Down below, all around,

I see colourful leaves fall to the ground.

I’m contemplating God’s reasons for creation.

I’m trying to understand his purpose for salvation.

Then I’m thinking about time,

the past mistakes I’ve made, hoping I’ll pass the climb.

How I’m wishing I could rewind,

So many unanswered questions racing through my mind.

Why did the LORD create us? Why did the Lord make us?


Born into sin we all are.
Desiring to own a big house, desiring to drive a fancy car.

Unworthy of the king – we show him no grace.

Still, God gave us this world, made it a beautiful place.

You don’t believe it?
Then you’re naive about it!
If you get a chance.

Just look at the pictures of France.

Google the tourist places of Paris.

These are landmarks the world does cherish.

Why do people tell us to smile when there’s hurt all around?

Some hurt too painful. Silence where there should be sound.

Strong individuals battling with aids. Over the decades,

you’d think things would change.

Still like a statue, it remains the same.

Were selfish, we think about ourselves, forget about them, and we have no shame.

We see home after home being torn a part, just broken.

Children who are left wondering if they’re to blame as a token.

Adults not being strong enough to fight to stay together.

Parents quitting because of what they selfishly think is right, forgetting they made vows of forever.

Teen suicides are increasing – Not enough ceasing.

Instead the world cares more to focus on the gossip of Kevin and Britney.

Instead the world wants to know who else is as talented as Whitney?


There’s a girl living like Cinderella living on minimum wage  with her mop.


Stop re-victimizing victims like the pain is their fault.


Why do you only want to live for an applause?


Look around there’s children being abused.

Beat up, nobody cares that they’re being left with memories of how they were bruised.

People are getting raped.

The world’s too caught up to help them escape.

Inside these people are in pain ; stuck with wounds they can’t heal.

You say it’s not true because they won’t make an appeal?

Well, Shut Up for a second, and put yourself in their place.

Pretend to be them, and then try showing your face.

Try talking about the pain that took years for you to talk about.

Stand up in front of that court, and why don’t you just shout it out!

Let your story be heard ; meanwhile they put it on the news.

For the whole world to know how you were used.

Tabloids just want to gossip ; you’re humiliated now right?

So don’t talk shit because silently they battle the fight!

Do you have fears – maybe thunder?
Ever think about the pressure these victims are under?
Now you’re donating to charities thinking it’s enough.

You’re forgetting these peoples stories ; money can’t buy them love.

You could give them a one-hundred dollar bill.

You could donate them all your stuff in your unwritten will.

That will never take back their pain.

Just a donation won’t stop the rain.

Why don’t we want to face it,

just because were not the ones who embrace it?

Their pain they go through every day.

Instead of helping them – we stray…far far away.

Extremely selfish, and paranoid. We all hide.

We complain about the little things like the cold.

We fear the future like we’ll never make it – never grow old.

When we look outside we see so much devastation.

Even when our problems our small ; we show no appreciation.

How did the world get this way?

I’m sure you’ll come up with some cliche.

Change starts with us ; we need to own up to our own imperfectons.

We need to focus on our future in a new direction.

Together : may we unite as one?

God didn’t give us a life to make it fun.
God gave us hardships to test our faith, and make us strong.

He didn’t put his people on this earth to belong.

That’s why many were called ; few were chosen.

How come when were called to be a witness – were frozen?

 My heart has always been huge and I always questioned people in positions of power. I always questioned if they were in it for the right reasons. I was never attracted to the outside of someone, but there are many people who are. It’s so easy for someone to prey on the most vulnerable when they have that type of power.

We need to find a way to come together, support each-other, support victims, uplift eachother, and spread love. We need to help eachother heal. We need to educate each-other.

My prayers are with all those who are suffering, and dealing with things they’re unable to heal from. I pray they find the strength to rise above all the odds, and to be success stories despite all the obstacles that were thrown at them.


Donate A Toonie


Today the schools in my city have this thing called: Toonie Tuesday

“1 out of 5 children in every classroom lives in poverty.”

As a child going to school in a large family. I could relate. I wasn’t raised poor though. I was raised middle-class. However, if my father had to buy for one, he had to buy for all. We learned to find gratitude in what we had.

I never had the nicest things. I always wore hand-me-downs or second-hand-clothing from the thrift store. I got bullied regularly, and I never fit in.

The worst day was when a fellow classmate said to me: “I hope some day you get adopted so you can have nice clothes like the rest of us.”

I went home crying and begged my parents to change my schools. They told me: “No! The environment won’t fix the bullies. Your attitude of compassion to the bullies will help you later in life when you learn to see GOD in your struggle, and not impressing them.” I knew from that day on that I was always going to be different.

When people ask me why I believe in GOD. I always believed in GOD. I wouldn’t be who I am without him always guiding me where I belong.

I thought things would change if I grew up, got a job, bought all my own stuff. As a matter of fact. It lead me down another path. I wound up pregnant at the age of 18.

I still remember going to my doctors office and taking about ten pregnancy tests because I didn’t want to accept I was pregnant.

My doctor said: “What are you going to do? You better figure it out. You can’t bring a baby into this world like this.”

I replied: “I don’t know doctor, but it’s not abortion. I don’t believe in that.”

It was my former class-mate from grade four who took me in all the years later.

He taught me how to turn everything around, and I reminded him every day he’s still young….he has his whole future ahead him, and he can rewrite his story.

Today, I’m proud of the people we’ve become in this world, and I’m proud to say we fight for others every day so they never have to go through what we went through.

Every day I live my life to serve.


Pastors and Drama

 Pastors have a position of power. Pastors are entrusted to care for some of the most vulnerable people in society. For some reason, the church still remains silent on how toxic a place the church can sometimes be. There are so many scandals in churches that never get out until it’s too late. I’ve made it very clear on my opinion on pastors, and I’m completely tired of the amount of stuff they get away with, and the fact that the church often protects them just to protect a brand.

 I have seen more blackmail in churches when someone speaks up against a pastor than anywhere else, and if you actually take the time to research it. Pastors are more likely to fall into a marital affair than any other type of man, and they’ve gotten away with it for far too long.

Why is this?

I’ve come up with some reasons this may be.
#1. They’re respected as special privileged men of god rather than seen as human beings.

#2. They’re often counselors as well as pastors and people go to them with all their private lives.

#3. They’re able to say they have a meeting with a parishioner and go to peoples homes in private and be trusted that it’s just the Lord’s work.

 Anytime you see a pastor being friends with young women. You should question it. The bible is very clear on being men of integrity when leading other’s in Christ. Now, we have marital pastors working as teams, and they often cover up for each-others shadiness.

Stop trusting people just because they hold the title: PASTOR!!!

Pastors in today’s culture often behave more like celebrities of their denominations rather than men of GOD.  If you really sat in a church meeting and truly took the time to understand how the church organization is trained and functions. You would know that most of them could care less about God. They care about their pay-check like every average other man. They’re human period ; only worse because they have a platform to abuse their position of power regularly.

Many pastors carry on secret affairs and the ones who do are usually the ones you believe are happily married. It is a lifestyle like everything else, and many pastors are broken thinking they can heal the world. The first person the majority of them never healed was themselves.


Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian seem to have got their start in the spotlight in a way most people approve of. How many people do you know that get thrust into the spotlight the way that they did and still succeed? They’re both women and have both become empowering people. They both have their own brands. Paris has her own empire.

I first watched Paris on “THE SIMPLE LIFE” and on the show she acted like a dumb blonde, and yet I watched it every day.  I first saw Kim Kardashian in a photo with her sisters, and having a lot of sisters myself I found her interesting. I then started watching her on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” As much as you don’t like them for their choices or how easily you think they found fame. You stay addicted to watching them. They’re normal people who achieved extraordinary success through their brand and entrepreneurial endeavors.

You can be thrust in the spotlight the wrong way, but that doesn’t mean you can keep it. There are those like Farrah Abraham who haven’t made that turn around. Kim Kardashian is now married to Kanye West and has a beautiful family and is doing well. Paris Hilton is now worth 350 million and has a multi billion dollar empire. Her perfume lines are especially doing well. She seems to be richer than her parents now. The one place they’ve both struggled is in love. Kim got married a few times before she finally found her soulmate in a friend. Paris Hilton still can’t seem to find love.

Either way they’re both empowering as business women. So many of us have dreams to be just like them? Although, we’ll probably never achieve their magnitude of success, and we probably don’t have a family behind us. We can still learn a lot about how they kept pushing forwards despite naysayers and that’s the push factor you need to fly.

Cardi B took Offset back

I loved watching CARDI B when she was just ranting on Instagram giving internet advice from her own personal experience. She’s a story of rags to riches that everybody loves to watch. As she has climbed higher in the success ladder. She’s lost friends, and attracted more enemies. Good or bad ; the tabloids stay writing about her.

They write about alleged rumors in her past. They write about her past as a stripper. They write about her being on a reality tv show. They write about her Instagram rants. They write about her enemies. They write about her marriage. Everybody loves to dig to find a problem with someone who stays winning. She basically raps about what people what to hear because regardless what you think about her music, people are buying it. She has a Grammy now.

When you look on the internet though….everybody loves to judge hers and Offsets marriage. Everyone sees him as a player who will continue to cheat on her. I find it unfortunate that just because she’s in the spotlight people can’t accept her for the human that she is.

 At the end of the day. I’m always happy when people who have a child together work things out. I once went back to my sons father and people were extremely nasty about it. The sad part is that me and him actually got a long when we were together. If not for everyone’s opinions due to their own realities. I think we’d still be together.

I find it disheartening how people force their own realities unto others. Look, sometimes you will hear me say I don’t believe in marriage, but unless your husband is actually in my business causing my life problems. I’m never going to be like: “You should leave your husband!” I’m going to be like “Can’t you all work it out?”

To me if you married a man, he’s still your husband, – you know? Divorce is way more expensive than marriage is. Statistically, second marriages don’t normally last. People can be cruel. People can be bullies. They love to see people fail. In my eyes Offset is her husband. Offset is her child’s father.

I hope they always work it out. She is a human being at the end of the day. Good luck to them.


The Charming loyal player

So you want him back?
I bet your in love with somebody who replaced you. Now he’s telling you how he don’t need you anymore. He’s telling you how he’s too busy for you. He’s telling you how he’s happy with somebody else. He’s telling you how he found somebody better. You haven’t even had time to mourn the break-up.

The lies. The games. The mess he’s playing with your emotions. He’s not being clear and he’s giving you false hope.

He wants to make you JEALOUS hoping he gets some sort of reaction you still want him.

It’s called a man who is smooth.

It’s called a man who is a player.

He fools you that the other woman is special ; meanwhile he had you convinced that you were special.

I bet he’s attractive…ughh… can I hear the word CHARMER?

Don’t buy into his antics. This is a game he is playing so that he can swing back and fourth. You’re still fresh in his head ; meanwhile he’s moving on to a rebound he’s using. If he was worth your time ; he wouldn’t remind you you weren’t worth a good man.That’s called a man who loves for possession. He loves woman as trophies. He loves woman for the facade, but he doesn’t have the patience to survive the emotions that come with a relationship.
 The reason he left you was because you had to many standards for him, and his insecurity couldn’t meet them. He shouldn’t be bringing you down for his happiness. He should’ve uplifted you when you two were together. This type of man is not a man you need closure form. He will end up with a woman who will play him like he did you, and then somewhere in the future he will wish the woman was still you.
A man worth being with takes responsibility and holds himself to accountability for his mistakes. If all a man does is blame you for his downfalls. You gotta know he was in it for the power he had over you ; not for the woman he found in you. Don’t even hate the next girl who took your place. She is naive and probably has no idea.

You just gotta move forwards. Some people come into your life as simply a lesson.


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