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​This is my first novel. I'm excited about this collaboration with experienced author, Vaughn Berkeley. People told me I'd never make it. But Vaughn believed in me and encouraged me for years. Finally, he challenged me to write a novel with him. I guess he wanted to hold my hand and kick my butt at the same time. This one is great and the next will be even better!

​THE DC74: A Maximitas Novel

​Book Synopsis

​About The Book

​​Vaughn's had this action adventure series brewing in his sketches and ideas for years and he never really decided to write it. His hero, Dr Max, is charming, sophisticated, mysterious, and a man of action. Vaughn allowed me to be his writing partner with the introduction of a character, Chastity. You'll see that I bring my own writing flare to this character. Her passion, her determination and her drama is definitely from a woman's point of view.  When you read this latest adventure of Dr Max, you'll be able to see that Vaughn and I make a good team on this collaboration.  I can't give away too much now about Chastity's role in this but I can tell you will be definitely be sucked into this book.  Stay tuned for more info! ~ Irene

​Upcoming Book

​I'm also working on a self-help book that will be dedicated to my late mother who passed away ​in 2018. The loss of my mom has really hit me hard. Words cannot explain how much I still miss her. This book, which I actually started back in the summer of 2017 with notes here and there will finally be completed sometime in the Summer of 20​20.  I have had to stop work on this due to health challenges in 2019. I still struggle with feelings of sadness. I still have to take care of all my other responsibilities. Most people don't understand my life. I'm not complaining because I believe that God allowed me to have this life so that I can be an inspiration to others. 

When you finally see my book you will have your mind blown because you will not believe that this girl has been through all that and still is holding on to her faith in God. Stay tuned for more information.

Event listings

​This is the area where I'll be listing my upcoming events, book signings, appearances, and more. Check back regularly for more updates. Also, if you'd prefer to get emailed when I have updates instead, send me an email via my contact form and I can add you to my mailing list.


​End of Year Event 2019 (details)
​Details TBD depending on my health.


​Sick in 2019 (details)
​​Been sick from most of the first 8 months of 2019. No events.


​Christmas 2018 Dinner Event (details)


​Firetruck Pull Charity Event for Epilepsy (details)
2:00-5:00 PM, Lansdowne Park, East Court, Ottawa.
I'll be part of a team pulling a firetruck. Yes, me. Come on out and support this great event. And if you see me, say hi!


​Birthday Celebration (30 & Flirty) (details)
​This ​is my awesome celebration with only a few dozen of my closest friends. Together we will celebrate my life, my article published in a magazine, and I'' give a speech. Plus we have great food. Sorry this event is by special invite only!

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