Awakening Your Dreams

After we’ve been conceived in our mothers wombs; it’s amazing that it takes approximately nine months to be born. Finally, were born into what we refer to as an infant. This is the year we build the most trust with the world around us. Mommy and Daddy look at us for the first time with love in their eyes. It’s love at first sight. They then begin to count our ten tiny fingers and our ten tiny toes. Once they’re done admiring their creation of us. They look into each-other’s eyes; they share their dreams for our future. Some of our parents dream for us is to go to medical school and become a doctor. Some of our parents dream for us is to become famous in some art form. They discuss all the things they want to prepare us for as adults in that moment. I’m not sure what my parents dreams were for me; however I think they succeeded at raising a daughter with a huge heart. I think that huge heart started with my love for horses.

My parents friends used to drive us to the country on the highway and as we drove passed the fields. I remember always looking out the window during these car rides, and I kept on seeing a bunch of horses. For as long as I can remember; it was a dream of mine to get on a horse one day and ride a horse by myself. I however was too young at the time to ride a horse. My mom ended up taking me to the library where we’d get books out on horses, and she’d take me to the shops where she’d buy me stuffed animal unicorns and in my toddler years that was the next best thing to a horse. I’d become a collector of these stuffed animals and books. I didn’t watch television too much, so for me this was my cotton candy. My dreams. I think I started dreaming at a very young age. It started there. I created stories out of all my stuffed animal horses and stuffed animal unicorns. At this young toddler age that’s all I wanted.

The day came to go to my father’s work picnic with my older siblings and I. At the picnic there were a whole bunch of fair rides, a whole bunch of food, and best of all there were horse rides. My older sister quickly brought me to the horse rides. Dreaming was one thing, but actually getting on my first horse for myself was another thing. I was so choosy. I didn’t want anyone to lead me. I wanted to get on that horse all by myself and ride it knowing absolutely nothing about it. As they kept offering me choices. Fear started to creep in. It wasn’t a dream any-more. It was a reality. My mom and my sister stood there wondering why what made me happy in my dreams suddenly became my fear in reality. They tried to convince me to get on the brown horse, and then the white horse, as I watched my sister ride away with the person leading her horse. I didn’t end up going. I was too stubborn or too scared. I’m not sure what was going on through my childlike mind. I went home wishing I went on that horse. I think I was probably afraid of getting lost because although as an adult the world looks smaller in these scenarios. As a child the world looks huge. I know we had someone leading the horse, but it wasn’t somebody I knew. It was somebody who worked there.

As I grew up…my mom began to buy me books on how to draw horses. I began to attempt to draw them; although I never actually succeeded. I learned about the different types. I learned so much about the Black Stallion Horse and I began to read different types of childrens books that were based on horses and had a series to go with it. I began to envision myself as the characters in the books. Eventually, the time came for my parents to send me away to a Horse-Back-Riding camp where we were to be given lessons and ride horses by ourselves. It was time for me to ride my first horse. Her name was Tiffany. I took riding lessons at the camp. As I was on the horse in my riding lessons and the instructor was teaching us how to trot. Fear crept over me again. My horse that was supposed to be trotting in these lessons had actually been trained to canter. I didn’t know how to stop her from cantering, and then the instructor ran in to help me, and we slowed her back down to a trot. At least I was wearing my cowboy boots and my helmet. That experience was similar to the adrenaline rush that chasing dreams feels like. Sometimes you might be anxious and afraid like my childlike state of mind, and other times you might be on a roller-coaster ride like when I finally got on the horse for the first time. In the end the experience tells a story that stays with you to inspire someone else. I kept on learning during my time at the camp. I learned enough to do trail rides and to put on a rodeo for all the parents. It was something I can look back proud at as a milestone of one of my accomplishments. It’s in the small things. It’s a memory that stays with me. Although I didn’t go on to be a successful horse-back-rider. My little sister followed in my footsteps. She started going to the same camp and picked up a love for horses as well which she has carried on into her adult life. In the above picture you will see a picture of my little sister and one of the many horses she has rode.

It’s the same thing in life sometimes when we fear a dream that were reaching out for. We often need confidence in that dream. We often need a goal. Too many times were looking at the finishing line filling our head with self doubt before looking at the journey and giving ourselves a sticker for each staircase we climb. I think the rewards system is wonderful and something we should learn to continue in our adult life. When that confidence isn’t there. We begin to think somebody else can do it better. Somebody else is more talented than us. We begin to quit because we think were incapable, and we believe we will fail. We rather fail, than let failures be our reason for education and new approaches. In life sometimes we gotta walk our own paths and conquer these fears that are in front of us. We also have to remember that each part of the journey tells a little portion of the story, and we need all the little portions so that people can relate and be inspired. What mark do you want leave on others as you reach for your dreams? What skills do you need as you chase your success? It’s in the failures that we find the skills. It’s in the success that the failures become an aspiring aspect of who we are. You may not always start somewhere you want to go in the end. However…it’s not the end that matters. It’s the journey that does. In every hobby you try to fulfil in search for your passion. You will pick up an aura of energy you will send out into the world, and that’s the energy you will get back, and it will fuel you as you move forwards in whatever you’re reaching for. Just go for it! If I didn’t go to that camp. I may never have rode my first horse which is something I can always look back to whenever I’m overwhelmed as something I can be proud of.






Irene Mielke

Irene enjoys writing and inspiring everybody that she meets. She has wisdom for days when it comes to life. She loves to read and support others in becoming the best version of themselves. She also loves to go the gym and her favourite sport is soccer.