Purpose In Jesus Christ

As a Christian
This world is your battleground.
You are a warrior for God.
You are a soldier in an army (God’s army)
You are defeating an even bigger army (Satan’s Army)
The earth was cursed by Satan.
The earth was given to you to tempt you to join the other side.
The earth is your temptation to hold onto.
The bible was given to be your staff, your sword, and your vessel.
Your life was given to be your journey of faith and hope.
Your challenge is ministry, and obedience to GOD.
Your job is not judgment but ministry and prayer.
You don’t know whom GOD chose.
Sin was created to be so much more fun and give you an easier life.
Standing up for the cross is what you need to do each time sin tempts you.
You have no shame in it.
If you have a little bit of shame in Jesus…and the cross?

Ask yourself: Why should he of died for you?

Answer: He shouldn’t of

Ask Yourself: If he died for me? He still did? WHY?

Answer: Because he is a god of love for those who chose…

Ask yourself: Why is forgiveness so hard?


Remember: Jesus forgave you, so you need to do it too, and never hold grudges.

s Jesus holding a grudge on you?

Answer: No. He isn’t if you are saved.

Should he be?

Yes he should!! But will he?

No he won’t.


When god loves it’s unconditional, and he wants his people to love others the same!

So you go on and do your ministry because if you are ashamed of any part. You are ashamed of GOD!

Remember that.
And ask yourself: How would you feel if somebody you truly loved was ashamed of you?
Remember… That’s how Jesus feels each time we don’t defend him.

Ask yourself: How do you feel when your significant other cheats on you?

Remember: That’s how Jesus feels each time we sin.Your past is no longer relevant. You can’t change it. You made your mistakes.
Jesus still saved you?


Answer: You are lucky, and that’s all you are.
You don’t claim to be saved, because you accept that you don’t deserve this gift.
You accept that you are not better than anyone else who isn’t.
You truly understand the cross, and are given a mind to think like CHRIST did.

You picture Jesus being human, and you look at yourself and you know you are human.You envision the cross. You envision yourself being naked, and having nails poked into you. As people nail you to that cross. You envision everybody watching you, mocking you, throwing stones at you.You envision the nails as if they were in your own skin, and then you envision the blood as if it was coming out of your own body.
and you envision dying in front of everyone, well they see you at your worst.
You imagine they’re clapping at your death.You envision being humiliated, and rejected.

Now your asking yourself why any God would allow himself to feel as a human and do that to you?And then you cry, and it is only when you cried that you can truly understand the cross
When you’ve envisioned yourself on that very cross.
You finally remember that Jesus knew who he died for the day he died on that cross? You can not save anyone………..If Jesus died for you………..you are lucky and that’s all you are.

You become heartbroken for those who he didn’t die for when he died on that cross. You feel for them, and you’re sincere to them. You learn to love your enemies regardless because if people aren’t saved ; they’re not your enemies. They’re who you are going to live with in heaven. If people aren’t saved they are your enemies in Satan’s army. You love them still…. and you remember that.. you should be them. You are just lucky you aren’t… because of the cross. You show them the respect… that Jesus would want you to. It is the same respect he showed you.
When you can’t. You are ashamed of GOD, and you have no faith, and you’re laughing at GOD… after everything he did for you. God hates that. You become those very people who laughed at him and mocked him. That day he died on the cross. You are ashamed of him. Even if you can’t see it? You are. He gave you a heart for a reason, and he gave you a mind to understand it. It is to understand the cross. You do not find comfort in your salvation.


Because you know it’s undeserving.


Anyone to comfortable with it needs to re-question their understanding of the cross? You weep for those that are not saved. The same reason Jesus weeped for them when he came onto this earth and was a man of sorrow. You are sad for the loved ones around you who might not be saved, and it breaks your heart. That you are lucky. You realize that…….and that’s what makes you go out and spread GOD”S message. You put yourself in the same position JESUS did on the cross.

You get a taste of it…and you serve him.

You remember…….his promise… and that is when you will rejoice.. when you finally receive your gift of eternal life. If you are rejoicing your gift of eternal life on this earth. It is a sign you are not saved. It is a sign you have no understanding of how truly deep the cross is. It is a sign you don’t understand what Jesus did on the cross that day. There are the people who claim to be saved because they did all the right things, and find comfort in the fact that they are saved.

Then there are the people who truly are saved, and question themselves every day…..because they understand the cross.. and they say: “JESUS…….why did you choose me, and if you did why me?” When you can finally ask yourself that question. You understand salvation is not something to find comfort in. You understand that=as Ephesians. 2:8-9 says.. it is a gift.. and only a gift!!

You don’t need to put on a show for anyone. You just need them to see through your actions, and your words where you stand.
You need to stand firm in your faith and your beliefs. Your salvation remains between you and God, and not you and the people.

Everybody made their mistakes and everybody sins.
Sometimes you will slip, but you have to remember to repent.
You have to remember to ask forgiveness not just from GOD,
but also from those whom you hurt.
They may hate you, but you must show respect regardless.
People may hurt you, and break your heart. But you must show respect regardless.
You must set the example. The same example Christ set for you.
They may wonder why you’re being so easy on them, and they may laugh.
But remember your past, and Jesus died on the cross, and was easy on you.
Remember he gave you the gift you didn’t deserve.
If people don’t see your attitude. They won’t see your faith.
Aas long as you fight for GOD, and his army. You will get mocked, spat on, laughed at, and hated on.
But… in the back of your head you will always remember God’s Promise.

God’s promise of eternal life, and you will continue to fight for your GOD. If your life is too comfortable. You have stopped fighting. Remember you are a warrior. When Jesus died on the cross..,he died for you so you could live. So why do you think he would let you have a comfortable life?  Get out there, and do what the bible tells you to do
and remember…. it doesn’t matter who hates you……….because what most people are about to lose…
is what your about to receive.. and that’s eternal life… So why care???

Be saddened and weep for them.

As a christian … you have no time.. to hate… because in your heart you know other peoples souls are at steak and your heart is broken for them.

Find your purpose and thrive in it, your purpose is always in helping others do and become better!

Irene Mielke

Irene enjoys writing and inspiring everybody that she meets. She has wisdom for days when it comes to life. She loves to read and support others in becoming the best version of themselves. She also loves to go the gym and her favourite sport is soccer.