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This is my first novel. I'm excited about this collaboration with experienced author, Vaughn Berkeley. People told me I'd never make it. But Vaughn believed in me and encouraged me for years. Finally, he challenged me to write a novel with him. I guess he wanted to hold my hand and kick my butt at the same time. This one is great and the next will be even better!

THE DC74: A Maximitas Novel

Biographical Summary

Irene Mielke came from a very religious family background in Christianity. Every Sunday, she attended her family's church with them. Every Thursday night, she attended A-W-A-N-A which stands for: “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed of the gospel of CHRIST.” She would memorize the catechism to recite at evening service. She would memorize the bible verses from her books to get awards for Awana.

 She loved running, playing sports, and doing track-and-field. She enjoyed high-jump. She often joined the cross-country running team at her school. Her grade seven phys-ed teacher actually pulled her aside to let her know she was one of the fastest runners in the school, and had the highest mark for females in Phys Ed.

 Her father encouraged by instilling into her the importance of exercise and healthy eating. She continues to go to the gym when she can. Her father also inspired her to be a future entrepreneur. Her mother often took her and her siblings to play-group when they were toddlers, and to the local library when they were in elementary school. Her and her siblings would take out a lot of books and read them.

 Some of her favourite books as a child included: “The Hatchet,” by Gary Paulsen, and “The Hollow Tree,” by Janet Lunn. One of her favourite book series to read was: “The Babysitter’s Club,” by Anne M. Martin.

Who Is Irene Mielke? At the age of 18 she soon found herself pregnant. She eventually found herself in a shelter. She found herself facing many trials and tribulations. God was no longer a big part of her life. She turned her back on everything to do with religion.  She found herself taking parenting courses, getting counseling, and looking for support as a young single mother. She had no idea where the future was going to take her. She was lost, lacked guidance, and broken. The only thing she knew was that she had to find a way out of the dark place she found herself in. She signed back up to finish her schooling. She graduated high-school with high grades. She became a caregiver / nanny to pay bills and be a mom at the same time. She started volunteering at places in order to learn how to grow into a successful woman. She learned how to coordinate events. She was given many mentors throughout her life who took her on and challenged her. She never missed an opportunity to learn, but many times she didn’t feel like she was good enough and saw herself as beneath them.  Nevertheless, she continued to write. It was her passion and what she fell back on. Despite the naysayers, and all the cards put in her path sent to distract her. God found her again. She fought hard to build a better future for her and her family.

What Do I Do? I'm a modern woman who wears many hats.  I am a mother. I am a caregiver/Nanny. I am a content writer. I am a blogger. I’m heavily involved in volunteer work. I’m an author of two upcoming books in 2022/23. I'm also a dreamer at heart. Despite all I go through, I love to get lost in my imagination at times, and it keeps me believing in pursuing my goals.

Why Do I Write? I started writing as a child. I enjoyed writing short stories and poetry. I eventually saw it as a form of therapy. It became a habit. I loved reading I decided to blog. Eventually, you realize...why can’t I write a book too?

When Did I Start Writing?  I started writing as a child when I came across my older sister’s Christian Poetry. At twelve year’s old my father took notice of my talent, and sent one of my poems to the local newspaper. I had my first poem published anonymously at the age of twelve.

How Do I Find My Creativity? I find my creative side through taking long walks. I like to be in nature. Just being alone allows me to meditate and reflect God’s beautiful creation around me. It inspires me. I think any time we can find a place of solitude to be with GOD… God will put the story on our hearts he wants us to share.

Who Are My Biggest Influencers? I look up to all kinds of people in the past, and present from Emily Dickinson to Steve Jobs to Oprah. I think that every success story has an empowering even bigger story behind it. I think it’s important to learn about how people got where they are today.., and when you realize how many hardships they overcame… it kind of makes you realize you have a purpose too.

What's My Dream/Vision? I remember being seven years old sitting in church well this missionary kept showing sideshows of her visit to Senegal. I think my dream has always been somewhere a long those lines. If I could just be somewhere doing something to empower others… I think I just gotta start there… God will lead me the rest of the way

Why Did You Decide To Co-Write Such A Book With Vaughn? I have been through a lot and I wanted to write something empowering that everybody could relate to and know that no matter what storm is thrown in their way… they need to find GOD in the storm. Everything is going to turn out alright. Life is short, and the only thing were all promised is today. The only thing were all guaranteed is death. We need to realize how to use the time we have here wisely and use our stories to be the voice for the voiceless.


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